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Nov 18, 2007 01:33 PM

Meritage (Saint Paul, Minnesota)

I was a huge fan of Chef Klein when he was at WA Frost. Hearing that he opened a new restaurant, I was very interested in checking it out. Lets just say that I had the best bone in ribeye steak in years. It was perfectly cooked with a nice char on the outside and cook a perfect medium rare and juicy on the inside. I mentioned to the chef at one point that he should add it to the regular menu (it is the Saturday special). He said that surpisingly few people order it. For appetizers we had gnochi and scallops. The gnochi was served with a pesto, very tasty. The scallops were very non tradtional but yummy. I also had the pumpkin soup that was really different but wonderful. The cheese plate for dessert really blew me away. I was just singing the praises of the cheeses at Heidi's, well this was even better. Great selections. The only letdown was the dessert soufflee. It was chilled (Grand Marnier ) I highly recommend people go and do try the ribeye on Sat. It was a mind blower.

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  1. I'm glad to hear of another good experience at Meritage. I had a service snafu at lunch during their opening days (as related in this post about Meritage: but folks seem to generally be having good experiences there.

    410 Saint Peter St, Saint Paul, MN 55102

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        Dinner entree prices were $16-33. Their entire menu is on their web site. Easiest way to get to it is to click on the places link above right.

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        1. We had dinner at Meritage last night. Wow. We went out to have a blowout dinner on a lovely, snow covered winter night and this place couldn't have been more perfect. Now it didn't hurt that we started with a great bottle of wine and that just set the mood. But this place seems to so get it. The service was genuine and warm. The setting was the same. It doesn't feel like it just opened, it seemed like it has been there quite a long time. That view with the park across the street with skating and those white lights!! Anyway, we started with the gnocchi which were so tiny but so packed with such flavor. We fought over every last one!!! I had the striped bass in a harissa, rock shrimp lobster scotch sauce. Oh my, so good. Great texture on the fish, great flavor. My DH had the venison which seemed to be the dish coming out of the kitchen last night. Once again, wonderful (I stole a few bites). Then the wonderful cheese tray and man come around. How sweet is that guy!! We had already ordered dessert but could not pass up the cheeses. Don't pass it up is what I say. We tried 3 and they were all wonderful. Then our dessert came which was a warm hazelnut cake with a salted caramel ice cream. Once again, wonderful. Great coffee too! I just can't say enough about this place. I'm hoping we just didn't hit it on an "on" night or that the wine altered our opinion. But, I'm happy to say I don't think so. It's such a great space. Cozy, warm and comfortable. The service from the host and hostess, to our waiter and the cute young man that plops a new piece of bread on your plate every time you finish one was top notch. Chef Klein walked around to every table to see how our dinners were. Very nice touch & a very nice man. We always say we'll go back to these places but some how always keep searching for a new place to try. We will go back to Meritage though and soon. I wanted to try everything on the menu!! I'm so glad St. Paul has this great new restaurant. What a perfect night! Janice

          1. I was considering Meritage for a nice holiday date with my GF. Is it a good atmosphere for that?

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              Foley, I think it would be a beautiful place for a holiday date. It was so beautiful with the snow outside and the view of the park with the white lights. Plus the restaurant was cozy but did have a great energy at the same time. I would see if you could get a corner table as it's more like a booth and would be more intimate. We were right inside the door to the left and we had a wonderfully romantic, beautiful evening and meal. Of course the bottle of wine didn't hurt either. Go for it, I hope you like it as much as we did. I can't wait to go back. Janice