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Nov 18, 2007 01:31 PM

great cakes/pies in the Forest Hills area?

Am a big fan of the Little Pie Co. in we have anything comparable here in FoHi or anywhere in this neck of Queens for that matter?

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  1. Don't know the Little Pie Co., but assume it's all about pies. There was a recent thread about Queens bakeries, with a bit of info about Forest Hills/Rego Park bakieries, amongst others. Here's the link:

    Bottom line, in the Queens Blvd./Austin Street part of Forest Hills, there's not much quality around. Some who have posted like certain things from certain places, but I don't think there's a consensus great, "go-to," old-style, all-around place and there's nowhere I know of around here that has a reputation of fabulous pies. Beware, the ones in the window at Martha's Country Bakery look alot better than they taste.

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    1. re: Shayna Madel

      Shayna summed it up perfectly. And I can't help emphasize enough to stay away from Martha's.

      1. re: pellegrino31

        I really just don't get how Martha's and Broadway Bakery stay in business. Am I a "baking snob?" Are most people just not that picky? Other than certain things from Bonelle, I would endorse most baked goods from Costco sooner than anything from either Martha's or Broadway Bakery.

        1. re: Shayna Madel

          If you're a baking snob then I gladly join the company :) But in seriousness (or about as serious as we can get) it's really disappointing to go to Martha's or equivalent and get icing that clearly tastes like it's from a can, cake mix from a box and pie filling that is not fresh despite their claims that it is. I don't think it's too much to ask from a bakery that they take care and consideration into the quality of their products. But the problem I think especially in Forest Hills is that there are plenty of places that just "phone it in" - not just bakeries, but restaurants too. But I digress...

          Bottom line is to get something from Bonelle if you have to get it in this area.

          1. re: pellegrino31

            It kills me that these places take the time to make their stuff look pretty and it tastes so blech. Not stale, just flat or "commercial." That's using cheap ingredients, whether oils or margarine instead of butter, or mixes or canned frosting. And I am serious about the Costco thing. I have had a lot of their stuff over the years and a lot of it it is better than most supermarket bakeries (though that doesn't take much) and better than most of the local bakeries, though the pies and tarts are so huge that you need to have a large group to consume them.

    2. Bonelle on Ascan Ave. makes great pies, but for Thanksgiving you need to order them in advance.

      1. It doesn't have the selection of the Little Pie Co, but Andre's Hungarian Bakery has a nice selection of good fruit pies. And my family loves their chocolate mousse cake.

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        1. re: Val55

          Martha's is truly disgusting. Someone told me the original in Astoria is better. I couldnt even imagine how you go from vile to inedible. They have a good gimmick. Nice sign, clean layout, they lure you in and you get duped

          1. re: Val55

            Several people have mentioned Andre's. I guess I will have to make an Andre's/Knish Nosh run one of these days...And amazingly, Martha's is still in business. I have heard people say that the Astoria location is better, which would make me think that it's not the ingredients (presumably they use same suppliers) and it's the baker in Forest Hills, but the stuff looks good, so I am confused.

            1. re: Shayna Madel

              I've been buying pastries from Andre's for many years
              (my Grandma lived on 67th drive) and they are just as great now as they were
              40 years ago. I picked up Pastries and Knishes on Sunday. We had a piece of Cherry Cheese Streudel last night, it was deelish.

          2. La Dolce Italia on Metropolitan has some beautiful/delicious cakes. Their fruit tarts are quite good also. Have not had any of their pies.

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            1. re: monicatm

              I have to say I am not sure why there is so much Martha's Hating going on. I find their items to be pretty good. I am not saying it is the best bakery but to compare it to Broadway isn't fair. Martha's has a great thing called portions. I can go in there and get a piece of cake for $3 instead of a whole cake.

              1. re: Swedish Meatballer

                It is hard for me to comment on your opinion that you find Martha's "pretty good." I do not know you or what you are used to eating or what your expectations are. I do not know your frame of reference. I just expect more than average, at least as good as what I can produce at home. I expect bakeries to put out flavorful products and not try to hide behind pretty things in the windows. I expect use of real butter, good cream cheese and store made fillings, not pre-made fillings purchased wholesale. I simply do not taste that in Martha's. Their stuff is just not that good--not inedible, just not that good. I acknowledge that what I have tried has been fresh, but I expect more than "not stale." Of the several things that I have tried from there, none was "full of flavor."

                Being able to buy a single portion of things is great for we single, live alone people. But the ability to buy portions is simply not worthwhile if that portion is boring, commercial and artificial-tasting. And that is what I think Martha's is.

                As far as comparing Martha's to Broadway Bakery, I did not. I simply questioned how either could stay in business. I said this because I believe that neither produces good product. But for what it's worth, my personal opinion is that Broadway Bakery is the worst in the neighborhood. Whatever I have ever tasted from there in the way of cakes/cookies has no flavor at all. It's one step away from eating air.

                I'd rather have nothing than pay good money to eat from either of these places.

                1. re: Shayna Madel

                  martha's is so gross, everything i've had (gifted tarts, pies, cakes, etc.). broadway bakery is a whole other animal, and gross. thank goodness I live in rego park where andre's reigns supreme (their strudels, croissants, rugelach and pies? all delicious, all made fresh that day, and incredibly soulful.

            2. Many thanks, everyone! It's funny about Martha's.... there is always a crowd there (perhaps due to the relative lack of alternative options in the area)

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              1. re: jenkc

                I can't figure it either, except for your theory about lack of choice. My other thought is that they have seats and they are right near a movie theater.

                1. re: Shayna Madel

                  I've never eaten anything from Martha's, other than a cupcake...which seemed good enough to me...but then again, it was just a cupcake. But my wife bought a chocolate babka there which I brought in to work for our Thanksgiving was demolished and everybody loved it. then my wife bought another one to take son said it was the best chocolate babka he had ever tried. I haven't tried it myself...don't like babka...and I'm not much of a baked goods fan....wouldn't know whats great anyway.