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Nov 18, 2007 01:30 PM

A chowy scavenger hunt

Many thanks to all you hounds for sharing all the chow finds over years. I'm extremely grateful for all the better eating I've had as a result. As I disappear into London (the food here has been very kind to me), I leave you with a little game of chow scavenger hunting -- for this, visual sightings or reads off a menu don't count; taste and report back, that's what chowhounding is all about. Some of these items I haven't found and would like to know if anyone makes or sells them for my own future reference; others I've encountered at places that are often discussed on the boards.

turbot (preferably on the bone)
John Dory
glass eels
a North End place that fries their own cannoli
salmon collar
a French or Italian preparation of frog's legs

There's a ton of places that have never been discussed on the boards or are rarely touched on; more information would be great, because no one know where deliciousness may lurk. Thus, my deeper motive here isn't really to have hounds find all of them, but to hopefully to provide an opportunity/excuse for resourceful hounds to dig deeper and wider into local menus and turn up lots of NEW good chow in the process.

Once again, I thank you and wish all Boston hounds the best of chow.

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  1. Limster we will search but even if we find , none of us willl ever be able to replicate your elegant and mouth watering food-prose...we will miss travels our Friend

    1. Say it isn't so! We will miss you. Hope you find good eats on the other side of the pond!

      1. Safe travels and we will turn to you when we need London advice. My husband and I enjoyed the hour we shared with you at the bar at Troquet! I'm glad we met before you moved on to London.

          1. Thanks for the great posts limester, I'm sure you'll thrive in London.