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Nov 18, 2007 01:11 PM

Mr Pollo Mario, Betos/Peaches and Cream, Baan Thai, Grafton Street

Some leftovers:

Mr Pollo Mario, East Boston

Disappointing seafood soup with a base that vaguely reminded me of Campbell's.

The spice rub on the rotisserie chicken was good and tasty, but not penetrating; the chicken a tad dry. Betos/Peaches and Cream does a much better job across the street.

OK plaintains as a side.


Betos/Peaches and Cream, East Boston

Returned for their aji de gallina; it's quite good -- rich homey flavour in the sauce, but could use a touch more smokey aji amarillo flavour imho. Also, some of the best chicha morada in the area.


Baan Thai, Waltham

My sister hipped me to their awesome Thai dim sum; much better than the Chinatown places. Can't remember all the details, but the fried stuff was better on average.

Great fried stuffed taro balls with lacy, crispy exteriors and meat and vegetable filing that may have a touch of fish sauce or something. Exemplary pan fried turnip cakes too. Poh pia sawey is another item to get -- two flat rice paper sheets sandwiching chicken, shrimp and water chestnuts, all fried.

The steamed stuff occasionally suffered from a slight touch of oversteaming, as evidenced by the faintly mushy texture of the skins in the har gau, but still a half notch above the usual suspects in Chinatown. Crab and chicken shumai is very good, with a serious presence of crabmeat, topped by a single jade green soy bean. In addition to the HK style char siu buns, one gets to order versions filled with Thai ingredients -- I liked the beef pricking buns, which are also fun to say. The filling in the round paak moh dumplings were very intriguingly spiced and I would love to order them again. Be sure to get the shawmuang, dumpling with a molded surface on the firm, thickish skins filled with salmon,

A basic but pretty good beef ball noodle soup. A satisfying yum woon sen.

Loved their smoothies, the lime one was great, very easy on the cream/milk, mostly to get a good froth.


Grafton Street, Harvard Sq., Cambridge

Was surprised I liked it as much as I did. Deviled eggs were playfully garnished, with 4 different toppings and a side of black olive tapanade that played well with the eggs.

A very solid crab cake, with a generous amount of crabmeat topped with mache and an avocado puree, all working together nicely.

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  1. limster, have you gone anywhere else for Thai dim sum in the Boston area? Also, have you been to Erawan of Siam on Moody Street? I want to try both places, but am curious to hear if one is substantially better than the other.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I think he's moved on to London, hence the "leftovers".

      Erawan has been there for many, many years - I remember eating there in the early 80's. I was there maybe 2 years ago and it was pretty much the same - Americanized Thai menu with choice of red, green, etcetc... made well, to be sure, but to American tastes, more sweet than spicy. Is there a new dim sum menu there?

      1. re: applehome

        Um, do they not have the intarweb in London now?

        1. re: Luther

          I should be letting lims speak for himself. He has moved before and has always continued to contribute wonderful observations from wherever he goes and I'm sure that will continue. I was just referring to his moving on since he made a point of calling this post a leftover.

          1. re: Luther

            Dem "Tubes" 'R nearly everywhere dese days.

        2. re: hiddenboston

          Limster's sis here. I don't think my bro has ventured to Erawan. Baan Thai is really very good. They have some of the Americanized versions of Thai food to fit the person on the street. But if you get down to their Thai food, it's authentic and delicious. Haven't been to their dinner in a while, but as my bro commented, the dim sum is worth the trip out to Waltham. Sorry, bro! Hope you don't mind me replying in your stead! =0)

          1. re: Boiled Egg

            Who knew Limster's sis was in beantown. Are you holding down the fort in his absence. Also, thanks by proxy for the tip on Baan Thai, drove by that place a thousand times and never knew it was chow worthy. I usually save my Thai outings for Dok Bua.

            1. re: StriperGuy

              Nah! My bro is special. Can't ever replace his taste buds. Wish I could 'hold the fort', but I don't go out as often as he does, or know as many people. It's hard when you have a baby......

              Anyway, try out Baan Thai and do ask them to make it the Thai way, ie spicy (if you like it that way). Hope you'll like the place.

              1. re: Boiled Egg

                Pet Pet or Pet Ma (Hot hot, Hot Thai style) for sure. Thanks.