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Nov 18, 2007 01:10 PM

Your favorite place to purchase appliances?


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    1. Soko Hardware in J-town.

      1. Martin & Harris in San Rafael for the majors. They've been around forever, delivery's on time, and they still know you afterwards if you have questions/problems...

          1. re: bexbee

            When I did the post, I accidentally clicked enter before the message. I need a new fridge, I think. The Kenmore I have had since I got the house (92) (probably a few years older than that year) is side by side (hate that, no room much in fridge) and the other day when I got some ice from the outside door thing, later on there was frozen ice on inside of freezer like it had leaked inside or something and my bottom produce bin had frozen produce so I think it's trying to tell me something.
            Now, I want freezer on bottom. I called Floorcraft and the SubZero is more than $8,000 way too expensive. I also need a new dishwasher and people on this board like the Bosch, less expensive than Miele and still quiet.
            I'll check out that Martin & Harris mentioned above.(I read mostly bad reviews on Yelp re Cherin's.) Anyone have a Viking or Jenn-Air fridge?

            1. re: walker

              Check out the Cookware board on Chowhound or the appliance board on for lots of discussion about appliance brands.

              I recently bought a new kitchen's worth of appliances at BSC Culinary on Mission near Van Ness. They have wide selection, very professional staff, and competitive prices.

              1. re: walker

                Make sure you measure before switching from a side by side to a regular fridge - there may not be enough clearance which may be why the prior owner chose a side by side. If a regular fridge doesn't fit, you may also be able to get away with the french door style.

            2. Check this place out—save some $$. They sell slightly dinged high end appliances.