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Your favorite place to purchase appliances?


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    1. Soko Hardware in J-town.

      1. Martin & Harris in San Rafael for the majors. They've been around forever, delivery's on time, and they still know you afterwards if you have questions/problems...

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            When I did the post, I accidentally clicked enter before the message. I need a new fridge, I think. The Kenmore I have had since I got the house (92) (probably a few years older than that year) is side by side (hate that, no room much in fridge) and the other day when I got some ice from the outside door thing, later on there was frozen ice on inside of freezer like it had leaked inside or something and my bottom produce bin had frozen produce so I think it's trying to tell me something.
            Now, I want freezer on bottom. I called Floorcraft and the SubZero is more than $8,000 way too expensive. I also need a new dishwasher and people on this board like the Bosch, less expensive than Miele and still quiet.
            I'll check out that Martin & Harris mentioned above.(I read mostly bad reviews on Yelp re Cherin's.) Anyone have a Viking or Jenn-Air fridge?

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              Check out the Cookware board on Chowhound or the appliance board on gardenweb.com for lots of discussion about appliance brands.

              I recently bought a new kitchen's worth of appliances at BSC Culinary on Mission near Van Ness. They have wide selection, very professional staff, and competitive prices.

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                Make sure you measure before switching from a side by side to a regular fridge - there may not be enough clearance which may be why the prior owner chose a side by side. If a regular fridge doesn't fit, you may also be able to get away with the french door style.

            2. Check this place out—save some $$. They sell slightly dinged high end appliances.

              1. Friedmans's in Pleasant Hill @ 680 and Monument is excellent. I have bought from them for the last 25 years. Sales staff know their products. They are great to work with.

                1. We really like Galvin Appliance in Albany.

                  1. House of Louie in SF
                    Airport Appliance in Hayward

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                      I second House of Louie. Costco, if they happen to have what you are looking for.

                    2. I recently bought an entire kitchen's worth of appliances at Standards of Excellence in San Rafael. They were excellent and matched all prices on local stores as well as Internet quotes. Cherin's in the Mission is also good. East Bay Restaurant Supply carries some brands and seems to be competitive in its pricing. Avoid Airport Appliance in Hayward. I received terrible service there and canceled my entire order after I couldn't get the salesperson to call me back.

                      I did all of my research ahead of time on gardenweb so I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't have a lot of questions or need for guidance on what to buy.

                      1. Millbrae Furniture in Millbrae has good service and very good prices, especially on GE brands.

                        1. Atherton Appliance in Redwood City -- the original family-owned one on Middlefield, NOT the one on Veterans -- has provided us with outstanding service for many, many years. Last year, we did a kitchen remodel that involved new Thermador stovetop, Thermador convection ovens, Vent-a-Hood range hood, and these guys came through like champs. Don't think you're going to save money driving all over trying to find some discount, because Thermador, Bosch, Subzero et al, have pretty uniform prices for their retail channel. FYI, we did try Telecenter in San Mateo, the Atherton Appliance on Veterans, etc. and ended up sticking with the original Atherton. Gary's family has been the appliance source for this little old house for going on 40 years now and if I had that recent remodel to do over again, I'd go straight back to them.

                          Sushi Monster

                          1. Western Appliance, if you are on the Peninsula

                            1. Airport Appliance in Hayward, I use them for my own home and the properties I manage. Great prices and service to match. A really large variety of stuff in stock and on display, locally owned.

                              1. I recently had to find a new fridge for my mother when hers stopped making ice. She wanted to spend arpound $1,000 so her options were limited but when I started looking on CraigsList I found several people selling nearly new appliances that came in their brand new homes. A lot of people buy homes and immediately remodel the kitchens, so this is not uncommon I have found. We ended up finding a $3,000 kitchenaid side-by-side counter-depth fridge in stainless facade for $1,200. The fridge is still under warranty and came with all paperwork and installation parts and it's just great!

                                If you have a little patience and enjoy bargain hunting, shop craigslist first. Just be sure to get the exact model and look it up before making an offer. Don't be shy, ask to see original paperwork etc, and of course, if possible, check it out plugged in before you buy it.

                                Basically if you can find what you want for about half of the retail price and it is less than a year old, you are doing well!

                                I've recently been looking at used viking and wolf ranges and drooling.

                                Good luck with your hunting, I'm sure with all the possibilities you will find something juuuuusssst right!

                                1. I thought I could postpone buying a new fridge because everything was ok - for a while. Dec 26 I knew I had a serious problem; upper part of freezer and upper part of fridge, not cold. I went to BSC Culinary on Mission St. (I'd gone once before and the salesman was great, not pushy at all.) I was lucky they had what I wanted in stock and they delivered it the next day!! Installer wasn't that great -- just told me to read the manual.
                                  I got the Jenn-Air Fridge with freezer on bottom NOT french doors. So far, I cannot figure out how to adjust the door so that it does not swing open so wide. I read the manual, called the 800 #, asked installer, asked BSC mgr. (The mgr is going to try to find out for me.) Everything in the door rattles when it swings open so wide. Does anyone know about this???
                                  I also got a Miele dishwasher mainly because I was sold on the upper utensil tray. After it was installed, the guy started a test wash and left. After it ended I looked inside and there was a utensil basket, not a tray. I worried all night that I was going to have to have a big argument with salesman over this. I went there to discuss it and it turns out the warehouse sent out the wrong model and they are going to switch it out for me when they get the right one in stock. Even tho the one here I have not used, they say they'll have to sell it to someone else for a reduced price since it has been installed.
                                  So, I'm very pleased that they are going to make this right without any fuss.
                                  Thanks for all your good advice and please let me door about the fridge door.