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Nov 18, 2007 12:26 PM

Home for T-day and need lunch

I am looking for a tasty and fun place to take my sister for her birthday lunch. Our parents recently moved to Towson, so we have no idea where to go in Baltimore. Ideally, this lunch spot will offer all of the following:

- w/in a 30min drive of Towson (we would prefer to go into the city)
- be in an area with nice shopping (for two girls in their 20s)
- cost no more than $20 per person (w/o alcohol)
- be open for lunch on Saturday

We like all types of food, with a soft spot for French bistro-type places and tasty desserts. Any recommendations?

Thanks very much!

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  1. Petit Louis is a great French place in Roland Park with very yummy desserts (especially the chocolate pot de creme). I'm pretty sure they're open for lunch everyday, but I've never been, they have a website you could check out You'd have to drive elsewhere for shopping.

    If you want to come downtown, there's fun shopping in Fells Point or Federal Hill with plenty of lunch options. In Fed Hill you could try Thai Arroy (BYO) on Light St. and if you don't like Thai desserts, there's an ice cream (Beach Bum's) and a pie place (Dangerously Delicious) across the street. You could also drive a little past Fed Hill to the Wine Market on Fort Ave, which is a little fancier and has very good food. And I don't want to incite a riot on the board, but you could continue down Fort Ave for an adorable (and IMO very yummy) cupcake from Baltimore Cupcake Company for dessert - I think you could even order a personalized one in advance.

    With all these places, I'd give them a call to make sure they're open just in case they have some weird holiday plans.

    1. Donna's Cafe in Cross Keys is a 5-10 minute drive from Towson in a really cute little area with shopping (Ann Taylor, Williams-Sonoma, Talbots). While it's in the city, it's not actually downtown (Falls Rd just south of Northern Parkway). Not French, but a nice bistro-y sort of atmosphere and definitely meets the < $20 criteria.

      Donna's menu is at .