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Nov 18, 2007 11:48 AM

Blind Bake Crust for Pecan Pie?

I'm going to make the John Thorne pecan pie that has been recommended here and I'm using Berenbaum's flaky pie crust. The suggestion I usually see for pecan pie is to blind bake the crust first, but the Thorne recipe says to use an unbaked pie shell.

Any idea why the recipe says this? Will it really come as good or better with the unbaked shell? I'm always happy for an easier version with fewer steps, but obviously if blind baking will lead to a better crust, then I'll do that.

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    1. I've never blindbaked, always used uncooked crust, never had a problem with my pecan pie. Baking at a high temp cooks the crust nicely. You may need to put a foil collar on the outside edge to keep it from burning.

      The one problem I have seen new bakers encounter with pecan pie is underbaking the filling. If so, it doesn't gel and is liquidy. Cook thoroughly and enjoy!

      1. A fairly recent Cook's Illustrated recommends blindbaking crusts for pecan pie.

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          They very well may recommend it, and to each his/her own. I just find it totally unnecessary, and have been baking pies for almost 40 years.

          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            Take it up with CI, not me...I think I've baked fewer than 10 pies in my lifetime!

        2. I have made 4 pecan pies over the past month and I never blind bake. I guess it isn't necessary because the filling is not watery like fruit.

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            I didn't blind bake and it turned out fine.