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Nov 18, 2007 11:46 AM

Vegetarian Vegas

We will be spending Thanksgiving week in Vegas and I need to make some reservations. My husband eats meat and wants to eat at some fine dining restaurants, but I don't eat meat or fish. Do you know of any places that have vegetarian options, or better yet, a vegetarian tasting menu available?

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  1. Fleur de Lys does a vegetarian tasting menu. It is at the Mandalay Bay. Every meal we have had there has been great!

    1. There is a FABULOUS Indian place right on the strip called Tamba Indian Cuisine. I'm vegetarian and I ate there last year. Very affordable, super friendly service, nice ambiance and delicious. Also, if you and your husband want to be adventurous, there is a raw foods restaurant called Go Raw Cafe. It is about 20 minutes from the strip, but it was delicious as well. That might be a little too out there, though, for a meat eater. And, finally, the Buffet in Paris has tons of vegetarian options. Good luck and enjoy!

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        I'm going to be in Vegas next weekend - with two vegetarians - I've found two mentions now of vegetarian tasting menus - one at Fleur de Lys in Mandalay Bay and one at Alex in the Wynn. Can anyone confirm if they are still available and if the know of any other great options? I'll be sure to try out Tamba as well with the girls.

        (We're staying at the MGM.)

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          Enoteca San Marco (Venetian) does not necessarily do a "tasting menu" per se, but their Verdura Grande is a platter of each of their vegetables dishes that we have enjoyed on several occasions. Sometimes they will use a little meat to bring out the flavor of certain vegetables, so you might want to specify purely vegetarian. They focus on hearty flavors, which can make for a nice evening of all vegetables, a little bread, and a good bottle of red. Their salads are also first-rate.