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Nov 18, 2007 11:39 AM

request for suggestions for lunch in Waco

We're meeting friends for lunch in Waco next weekend and since we are coming from NYC are interested in great BBQ or Tex-Mex. A search of the boards didn't yield too many suggestions. Any thoughts? TIA

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  1. Personally, I've found very few good restaurants in Waco. There are mostly just a bunch of chains...
    I'd meet at the Elite Cafe. It's right off I-35 and has really good food! There might be some BBQ on the menu, but it is better known for steaks and home cooking. It's rumored that Elvis ate there.

    1. I love the Cathay House for Chinese food. It is the place that I like to eat when in Waco. BBQ.... Hmm, I think Michna's used to have really good BBQ, but not sure anymore. I like Rudy's, but not necessarily the best BBQ. For Tex-Mex a lot of people like La Fiesta, but it is not my fave. I think that Rosa's offers better Tex Mex.
      I'll call my parents and see if they can give more suggestions.

      1. Seb,

        I would recommend heading to West just north about 10-15 miles and stopping at one of the 5 or 6 kolache places and stocking up. You can snack on them throughout your stay in Waco b/c the restaurants in Waco have been bleek for years (ever since Chicken Shack closed). I would suggest the Kaska's in "downtown West" over any of the places on 35. The Czech Stop is always crowded and their quality is not as high as the places "downtown". I also like the Little Czech Bakery in "downtown". My family is Czech and would always stop in at Nemecek Bros. for West Specials (thick quality hot dogs with flavor) and a loaf of Mrs. Bairds bread (cheap and filling snack/dinner). I have included a link to the businesses in West. You might call some of the bakeries to see if they can fax you a menu or can tell you what will be fresh on which day. Also in West is Yianni's Greek & American Restaurant (odd for a Czech town) but you might give them a go!

        I haven't been to Michna's for quite some time but my grandfather used to be in the Shrine with the owner (not sure if he still owns the place). As for Tex-Mex we usually go to La Fiesta and it is decent but I wouldn't rate it that highly. For Mexican you might want to look around Valley Mills just west of 35. There is a large hispanic population that have congregated around University High School. I also believe there is some places on 35 that might have some good Mexican. If you are in the mood for some frozen Custard I would head to Katie's Frozen Custard on Valley Mills @ Sherry Blvd (on your right if heading from Baylor). I have seen some BBQ places in North Waco close to Police Headquarters and not sure if the place had a name but it looked tempting (it was in a shady part of town though). I searched and found Jasper's BBQ (no ratings) and Tony De Maria BBQ (a Google search should give you a couple of reviews on this one) these seem to be close to the Police Headquarters. Might try Vitek's Grocery on 1600 Speight Ave also for BBQ. I remember going here once when I spent a summer with my grandparents and thought it was pretty good. As for a BBQ side I would highly recommend Uncle Dan's White Potato Salad. One of my relatives works here and always brings us the potato salad and their BBQ is not to bad either.

        Waco is not know as a hot bed for BBQ and other dining fares but it seems just south starting in Temple is where the BBQ in Texas starts to become the barbecue you always hear about. Of course that is for another trip I suppose.

        1. thanks for the suggestions - I'll let you know what we decide. Soulslinger, we have indeed stopped for kolaches in Waco - this was about 4 yrs ago.