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Breakfast-to-go for an LAX flight

Next month I will be driving from Los Feliz to take a very early flight out of LAX (6 am). Of course there isn't that much open within the airport that time of day ... any suggestions for a place to stop to get suitable early-morning fare, filling but not-too-heavy, to be eaten either in the waiting area or on the plane?

Typical brekkie items like scrambled eggs and pancakes are NG because they'll be cold by the time I get there. I typically try to pick up bagels with lox and cream cheese at Canter's or Jerry's, but I thought I'd see if anyone had interesting ideas.

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  1. you could hit up benito's or lucy's drive-in on la brea for some mexican fare, though i fear it may not be enjoyable by that point.

    the kettle will be open and you could grab some fruit and granola to go.

    in that same vein, might i recommend a trip to whole foods the night before... some fruit, yogurt, and granola to go... even 7-11 is now selling a pretty tasty granola in a pre-portioned plastic cup. if you feel like indulging, get some of gelson's rice pudding to go. you could also go for some tabbouli or couscous and some hard boiled eggs to go as well.

    too bad primo's won't be open yet for buttermilk bars.

    1. Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese used to be my in-flight staples. They are durable, can be safely kept at room temperature for an hour or two, and are delicious (if fragrant; other passengers may be either jealous or offended). However, since the TSA regulations I am not sure cream cheese, being gel-like, will be allowed. I haven't risked testing the rules. The TSA website is not clear on cream cheese. But there is a suggestions at the Independent Traveler website that a PB&J might be confiscated. Safest bet probably is to either eat whatever you bring at the airport before going through security, or buy something to take onboard once you get through security.

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        I hadn't thought of that ... I think I've taken cream cheese on board at least once since the regs were tightened.

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          I've taken pb&j and cream cheese bagels through security recently without problems. Hard boiled eggs were ok too. They won't let yogurt through because even the smallest yogurt container is larger than their limit (3oz is the max, I think, same as for toiletries). I don't think rice pudding would be let through.

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            These things are always hard to predict. I got rice pudding through the TSA once. And I regularly get sandwiches, condiments, salads, jars of honey, etc. through the TSA without any event. That includes things like potato salad and tuna salad, which were in excess of the 3 oz. rule and probably would be considered (in some narrow, literal minds) to be a gel.

            But you don't even need to risk anything for breakfast because there are plenty of options that will easily sail through. Get a scone or some good bread, bring a small jar of honey, get a bit of some fresh cheese (farmer's cheese, for example), and add a piece of fruit and you've got a great breakfast.

            Alternately, you could bring a packet of oatmeal and then ask the flight attendants for some hot water. Sure, it's instant oatmeal, but it's filling and more nutritious than many breakfast choices.

      2. I'm not sure what time they open, but The Local Yolk in Manhattan Beach has good Lox & Bagels.
        I often take the 6AM flights east, best bet is a nice home packed snack the night before, sleep to the last possible minute!

        1. The bacon cheddar scone from Milk. I mean, bacon means breakfast, right? If I have an early morning flight, I get mine the night before. Maybe two of them - calories consumed on a plane just disappear into the ether, or so I try to convince myself. They also keep just fine overnight in a ziplock bag.

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              I love Skymeals. The quality is really high. If I could afford it, I would have them deliver me food every day, even when I wasn't traveling. If you have a KCRW card, there is a 10% or 15% discount (I forgot which).

            2. My solution to the problem is the night before I hit up on a chinese bakery and get buns - sweet or savory. Sometimes even get a sandwich or two.

              They are OK without refridgeration for a couple of hours, and they don't need to be heat up.

              1. How about picking up a sandwich the night before -- Banh Mi sandwiches tends to keep well overnight.

                1. I have actually had good sandwiches at the Brioche Doree in the American terminal (#4). Not exceptional, but good. Especially when heated up if you like a hot sammie. There are usually about 4 or 5 options--I get the one with green apple, brie and ham. I am usually on AA so I don't know if that is the only B.D. in the airport.

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                    Actually, there are several better-than-you'd-expect food options at LAX -- my favorite is the Daily Grill -- but the key is finding a place that's open 24/7.

                    In my experience that means the McD at the Bradley terminal, period.

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                      Imagine that same flight, but go from LAX to London with a couple dozen hungry teenage athletes who decided to re-fuel at McDonald's before getting on the plane. I almost had a grabber.

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                        I hate McDonald's with a passion. Rest assured, I'd rather starve.

                    2. The night before a flight, I head out and order a Bahn Mi (veggies on the side) and take it on the plane (or into the airport) with me. Delicious flavors, not stinky and nicely wrapped! Perfect!
                      My most recent flight 2 weeks ago from Chicago a girl next to me ran off the plane and bought a grilled cheese and hummus to eat on the plane. Thought I was going to die!!

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                        I agree something not offensive. Nothing could be worse than buffalo wings and chili cheese fries sitting next to you. The smell and the finger licking drove me nuts.

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                          WildSwede, that's why I think a Bahn Mi, eaten the day-after, is the perfect airplane food. Keeps well, not odorous, and still Chowhound-worthy.

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                            You don't have problem with the baguette being stale? I have to reheat mine in the oven even in the 1/2 hour delay between getting the sandwich and eating it at home.

                            I am glad I'm not the only one who like Bahn Mi for breakfast (hubbie thought it was weird, but I like the pate stuff any time of the day).

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                              I have not had a problem. Although it is definitely not as fresh as it was when I bought it, it was not rock hard. What I do is make sure to put it into a ziploc bag with the veggies in a separate bag (they tend to moisten the bread I noticed) when I get home and then it is okay and ready to go!!

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                                Hmm, actually no. Sure, it's not piping fresh like you would get straight from the oven and eating it after ordering it from the counter, but if wrapped in saran wrap or a ziploc (like WildSwede suggested), it keeps pretty well.

                                Plus, you have to keep in mind that you are essentially taking food on an airplane. There's got to be SOME sacrifices, right?

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                                  if you ask *really, really* nicely, the stewards will nuke it for you in their micro...

                            2. I have to ask this question. How long ( air time ) is your flight??

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                                LA to Atlanta, typically a little over four hours, connecting to Gainesville, FL which is another hour or so.

                              2. Have you thought or try The Pantry @ 9th and Figueroa or Jerry's deli they are open 24/7, not cheap but open and real breakfast to go! You can try picking up bagles, cream cheese the nite before...Hey, Metro station @ aviaition there is a catering truck servicing up decent chow. Pastrami and eggs sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and other stuff.
                                Want tip: How NOT to paid eight dollar a day in parking fees @ LAX? And the Los Angeles County Sheriffs will keep tabs on your vehicle, and if your luck on video also!