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Nov 18, 2007 11:16 AM

Worth Our Weight-Santa Rosa Brunch and More

Has anyone else been to Worth our Weight at 630 Third Street in Santa Rosa (where Swensen's was a long time ago)? I couldn't find a post about it, sorry if I missed one.

Here's a link to a story about it from the PD:


As you can see, it's a great place to support, and worth the trip from a foodie perspective. We usually go for the Sunday buffet brunch, have been there for dinner once, and have friends that go for lunch. I'm not sure what days and times they are open, so best to call and ask, 544-1200.

The buffet brunch is $15.00. There is a table of hot offerings, usually eggs, heavenly posole in a tomatillo sauce, bacon, ham slices, potatoes, and such. They usually offer one hot dish they will cook to order, often delicious French (?Freedom) toast. Moving down the table, there are usually two quiches, one a vegetarian, a fabulous granola, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

There is also a table with cheeses, breads, a delicious trout spread and many tasty desserts. The sweets are usually two types of pot de creme (chocolate and maple are frequent flyers), very professionally turned out and tasting scones, bread pudding to-die-for, and one other dessert I can't recall.

Drinks include coffee, teas, several types of aqua fresca and iced chai.

I hope you chowhounds like it.

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  1. Hey, your link didn't work.
    I found this info online.
    Deli Tues-Friday 10:30-1:30
    Friday Dosas 11:30-2:30
    Sunday Brunch 9-1


    Worth Our Weight
    1021 Hahman Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95405

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      Thanks Stephanie. They should put pictures of the food on the website. It is nice to see the apprentices pictures. You'll see them at the restaurant. They take a lot of pride in their work, and they deserve to.

    2. Thanks for posting about WoW. I'd noticed its stand at the Saturday morning farmers market at the Vets building and this morning I made a point to buy something there. Arriving much later than I wanted, at 11:45AM, they only had soup and scones left. The scone, $2, was lovely. I think it was banana and pecan. A crunchy and crumbly short crust like a traditional scone, but then the center was moist and lighter, studded with lots of pecans.

      Has anyone tried the friday dosas?

      Veterans Memorial Building & Community
      1351 Maple Ave, Santa Rosa, CA

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        I had the dosas on a Friday night shortly after WoW opened. There were three different varieties if I recall correctly (not a given at age 47, sigh.) Two were extremely good. One, unfortunately, had been contaminated by cilantro. ;)

        I think WoW would be a good choice for a Sunday brunch Chowdown, if people are interested. In addition to the great food, the vibe is fantastic.


      2. Changes

        No more deli

        Open only Fridays for lunch - dosas and comfort food

        And Sundays for brunch

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        1. re: Columba

          we no longer serve dosas. i'm an apprentice at worth our weight

        2. hey it moved to 2100 Hahman drive. its on the back side of montgomery village near lucky's. its no longer a $50 buffet. its a donation basis/community table idea. fri-sat 9-3 coffee, tea, pastries in morning lunch from 11:30 on. with menus and sunday is brunch with menu's all of its great. cornmeal pancakes, lox platter, mexi plate. the mexi plate is 2 corn cesidillas with scrambled eggs, blackbeans and salsa and guac on top. ot looks great.