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Nov 18, 2007 09:47 AM

lasagne with spinach?

Does anyone make a lasagne dish with spinach and a white sauce? I want to try something different than the usual lasagne with red sauce. I would love to have your ideas. Thanks.

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  1. i usually make a regular red sauce lasagna with spinach. i use one 10 oz. frozen package completely thawed and squeezed dry. i chop it up and just mix it into the ricotta/egg/garlic/etc. mixture.

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      I love Cook's Illustrated's version. It is perfect. I blogged about here.

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        I just tried to send this recipe to someone, but it came back. Please email me again with your address and I will resend it.

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          Becca, that would be lovely if you would be willing to share it. Thanks. My email address is Thank you.

    2. Tyler Florence, on the Food Network, recently did a show with some unusual lasagna recipes. One was a butternut squash and chestnut lasagna. You might want to take a look.

      1. I have made spinach lasagna noodles and the filling was a bechamel with seafood and mushroms. It was very tasty. I amy have to get the pasta machine out and do it again this winter.

        1. Remember that if you use spinach, it's better to use frozen, chopped spinach and then defrost and squeeze all the water out or you will have really watery lasagna. I do a spinach - basil combo and simply layer with ricotta mixed with a couple eggs and salt and pepper, and then top with mozzarella. Use a bechamel sauce as mentioned by another poster.

          1. I make a nice lasagna with pesto, bechamel, spinach, and shiitake mushrooms (plus various cheeses). Screamin' tasty, and very satisfying for meat-eaters or vegetarians alike.