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Nov 18, 2007 08:52 AM

SEA - new york deli

there has just opened in pike place market (in the economy arcade opposite the main entrance to dilaurenti's) a small place calling itself the "i love new york deli". being as desperate for shmaltz and dr. browns' celray tonic as any displaced gothamite, i am most happy to report that these folks seem to (finally!) have broken the curse against excellent new york (read:jewish) deli in seattle. the bread (what is a deli without bread?) is baked daily in the market and is the first good crusty rye bread and crunchy kaiser rolls i have encountered in the emerald city. everything else - meats, pickles, soft drinks, salads - is brought in from a supplier in brooklyn and is of first quality; the meats kept hot (microwaves are anathema) and sliced to order, the knishes (baked on site) and chopped liver (chicken, not beef) made by the owner to his mother's recipes; the pickles the color of cucumbers and loaded with garlic. sandwiches are relatively cheap considering their gigantic size and i am really looking forward to checking out the soups. welcome to seattle!

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  1. Howard, While I'm not from New York, I have visited there many times and have grown a genuine appreciation of their great deli's. (Goldberg's being a major disappointment.) This new spot sounds like a nice addition to Seattle's Chowhound scene.

    1. I'm also a NYC expat, and agree this place does a really decent pastrami sandwich. I look forward to returning for the beef tongue, corned beef, and chopped liver.

      I tried their potato knish, but I'm not wild about it. I like mine smaller, with a bit more texture to the potato - but this is purely subjective. I'll still have to check out the mushroom and kasha versions.

      1. I can's wait to eat there! Knishes!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I walked by this place on Sunday, while taking my boyfriend around Pike Place Market. I didn't get anything, being already full and with dinner plans, but work downtown and will check it out very soon. The knishes looked very good and the menu looked promising. I also asked if they make their mushroom knishes with fresh or canned (even Yonah Schimmel's in New York uses canned, which is very disappointing), and they use fresh. I can't wait to try it!

          1. Just had a pastrami sandwich, and it was butt-kicking.

            10a - 6p