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Nov 18, 2007 08:16 AM

south beach restaurants

Spending 4 nights in south beach. Already been to Barton G,,Prime 112, Casa Tua, Tantra, Touch. Pacific Time, Pearl, Touch, Nobu, Ago,,,

Was thinking: Blue Door, Vix, The Social, Setai or Table 8 ?
Would appreciate any comments or feedback on the choices.

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  1. Table 8 is the best of the bunch - stick with their steaks which they do very well. I can't really comment on social because I have not been since they changed their menu. The other restaurants are overpriced but I like both bluedoor and the setai. I did not like Vix very much but will admit they did their basic dishes very well. If you go do not try the dishes where they are trying to be creative.

    1. CASA TUA for sure....amazing risotto with truffle..amazing cheese buratta(in the mozzarella family) that is soft and ooozzzes utter gooodnesss, spinach green little pillow like gnocchi with a light buratta and tomato sauce...service is impeccable...I would say top five restaurant in Miami...Table 8 is ok...not consistent..Barton G is beautiful presentation but food is not a 10, Blue Dooor is pretty good..I recomend the jumbo ravioli filled with taro root mousseline, white truffle oil and mushroom ...the passion fruit crepe desert is to die for..and the pasta dish with Cherry tomatoes, baby eggplants, hearts of palm, haricots verts, chanterelles and artichoke with penne pasta, black truffle & crisp tofu...I am a truffle fan...and all these dishes were A+