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Cheese tasting in Pittsburgh?

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Looking to send my parents to a cheese tasting class/event in Pittsburgh as a holiday gift. So far my online searches have not yielded any locations. Does anyone know of a cooking school or restaurant in the Pittsburgh area that might hold cheese tasting classes?

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  1. I assume Wholefoods offers classes but I would check with Penn Mac too...

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      thanks for the advice. i'll definitely check out these options!

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        Whole Foods has a cheese tasting (at least) once a week.

      2. Food Glorious Food in Highland Park has all kinds of cooking and tasting classes:

        1. You might check out the schedule at Crate in Scott (Greentree Rd.). Carol (Dear Heart) from Penn Mac teams with a wine expert for some wine/cheese pairing classes on occasion. They're doing something up at Crate in February. I don't have the details, but you can call the store or find it online.

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            Thanks again for all your suggestions. Forgot to mention that we're trying to coordinate this from out of town, so this is all very helpful.