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Nov 18, 2007 07:30 AM

Italain in Philly burbs

Can anyone recommend a good Italian place to eat in the Plymouth Meeting, Whitemarsh, Bluebell, Norristown etc. area? I haven't eaten in the burbs in a while and am coming to town to visit w/ my folks for the holiday. Chains are not ideal, because they usually suck, but f you can convince me I'm wrong I am open. Thanks.

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  1. Viggiano's in Conshy is pretty nice.
    Totaro's is another in the same area.

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    1. re: idia

      Totaro's menu looks great. I forgot all about that place, and it has been there forever. Have you been recently? Do you have any recommendations?

    2. check out pepperoncini in conshohocken! it's inexpensive, cute atmosphere, and the food is delicious every time i go. it's a warm neighborhoody kind of place.

      1. Totaro's on Hector is over rated and way over priced. If you want more reasonably priced good food try From the Boot in Lafayette Hill or Dolce Vita on Dekalb in Bridgeport. Both are BYOB.

        1. Trattoria Totaro, a byob on Spring Mill Rd. in Conshohocken is good. This is not the same Totaro's as the expensive one on Hector St. I would also recommend Pepperoncini in Conhohocken, but not Viggiano's Went to Ristorante Castello in North Wales with several friends Friday night and everyone enjoyed it. Homemade pasta, nice atmosphere, excellent service.

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            Glad you liked Costello's Jan. I know the owner (Habib) and he is a really nice guy and tries really hard to make everything enjoyable for his customers. It is a lovely place, especially for a strip mall. Only drawbacks as I see it are that they will soon not be BYOB anymore and the wait for your food on a weekend can be long at times.

            I would also recommend Il Melograno in Doylestown as well (though this is not exactly in the area the poster requested). It's in the Genaurdi's shopping center on Main St. but, similarly to Costello's, is much nicer inside than you would expect for a strip mall. The owners are from Puglia and specialize in that cuisine. Not BYOB but worth trying.

            I have to try Pepperoncini and Dolce Vita now as they both sound really good.

            1. re: Schpsychman

              I am sorry to hear that Ristorante Castello will soon not be byob. We will go back anyone as they were just wonderful to us. I have wanted to try Melograno for a long time. Thanks for the recommendation.

            2. re: JanR

              I 2nd Trattoria Totaro as worth while...They have also started to do game special evenings. service can be a little slow - but they seem to have sorted that out based on a recent visit. I also like the dining room - all be it that it is small.

              1. re: JanR

                Just to clarify, there are two Totaros - one is called Trattoria Totaros and they are definitely a BYO - they are located at 639 Spring Mill. There is another called Totaros Restaurant which is a full service bar and restaurant. Can be confusing but there are definitely two.

                1. re: Haffprice

                  There might have been only one, back when this post was written in November, 2007.

              2. I agree with Den, From the Boot in Lafayette Hill is great and the prices are very reasonable.