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Nov 18, 2007 07:27 AM

What's your favorite Thai Iced Tea Recipe?


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  1. I like to lighten mine considerably when I make it at home. So much fat and so many calories in the real thing.
    I use some honey or sugar to sweeten, then finish sweetening with stevia. I use just enough honey or sugar so that the stevia won't leave an aftertaste.
    Condensed milk, non-fat milk, and just enough 1/2 & 1/2 to make it creamy. Still delicious, with only some of the guilt.

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      Stupid question: what is stevia?

      1. re: GinaJ

        Stevia is a naturally sweet herb from central & South America. I grew some this summer & the leaves were delicious. You can purchase it in a dry, ground powder or in liquid at most natural foods stores. Some brands can have an after taste, so try to get a sample first. (If your natural foods store has a coffee bar, ask them. They often have it by request only since it tends to "walk" away...) Stevia works well mixed in drinks. It is a little trickier cooking with it, but there are many cookbooks out with that focus. It is not in the sugar family. It processes in the body differently than sugar, so it is a good sweets option for diabetics. It tends to be a flavor you either like or don't. I don't care for the processed stevia, grew the plants for my sweetie as a novelty since he likes it. But I loved the fresh leaves! Used them as I would mint, but less. He like the WF brand of powdered stevia best, FWIW.

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        I sweeten mine with Ginger syrup.