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Nov 18, 2007 06:21 AM

What is a great, cheaper steakhouse in Manhattan?


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    1. re: Lucia

      Bistro Le Steak on UES has a great steak, and prices are not bad either.

      1. All true "steakhouses" in Manhattan have similar pricing. Steaks are in the upper $30 - mid $40's range. There are a few like Angelo and Maxie's that are a few dollars cheaper but the steaks are mediocre there and not worth the cost. If you want steak at a cheaper place, I'd lean towards and Argentinian steakhouse or a french bistro. I've always had great steaks at Balthazar.

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        1. re: ESNY

          Agreed. French bistro's are fine go-to options for cheaper-yet-delicious steaks. Balthazar is a great place, though easy enough to spend a steakhouse amount of money there depending on how many appetizers, oysters, desserts etc one is tempted to order along with the steak. The filet mignon at Lucien is excellent. I've also heard people recommend the bar steak served at Raoul's bar, though my last overall experience at Raoul's was not so good.

          Another option would be to go to Keens, my favorite in the whole city, and eat in the pub room (in between the bar and the main dining room), where they offer some less expensive options (e.g. a smaller cut of prime rib, etc)...

          1. re: Simon

            Another great French brasserie for steak in Manhattan is Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles on Park at 29th I think. I had a tasty onglet there once.

            1. re: billtron

              Have to dissent strongly...Anthony Bourdain has little if any involvement w/ Les Halles now...there may be some tasty steaks there once in a while, but the bad service, long waits even w/ reservations, and mediocre food have been mentioned here often...

        2. Agree with Lucia on Azul Bistro. They have another place called Industria Argentina in Tribeca which is essentially the same.

          Many decent bistros have a serviceable Steak Frites.

          1. Have not been there in several years, but I once had a pleasurable date at Les Halles on Park Ave. South....and the date was pleasurable solely due to my hanger steak, not the company.
            Don't know of Novecento is still around, but that used to be a fun Argentinian joint.