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Nov 18, 2007 06:09 AM

Tasty & beautiful wedding cake in Newport/Providence?

Hi all,

I have a friend getting married in the Newport area in August 2008 and she needs a wonderful wedding cake! I've found some places but they are asking for outrageous prices. Are there any suggestions for a baker or hidden gem that can make an incredible cake? My friend really wants to be creative and make something unique so it's important to have a baker that wants that energy. Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Try Sin Desserts, in Providence. They make amazing cakes - like you'd see on TV and they're delicious too.

    1. Cappuccinos in Middletown 5 minutes from Newport . They do an amazing job!!! My wedding cake was delicious & beautiful and they are wonderful & creative to work with. I have used them on many occasions they also do favor cookies that are incredible. I believe they also have a web site.

      1. any more ideas? I'd love some more. Thx!

        1. I got my wedding cake at Scialo's Bakery on Federal Hill in Providence. It was tasty and relatively inexpensive. Not sure what they'd charge to deliver to the Newport area though...

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            1. Maureen the cake couture lady in MIneral Springs in Providence. She has a tiny shop and no website yet but her cakes are exquisite. She is appt only so you need to call her and she is very reasonably priced and makes great tasting and looking cakes! She made a cake for a friend's birthday that looked JUST like a Jimmy Choo pocketbook!! :)