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Nov 18, 2007 05:33 AM

Disney Area - Non Touristy

Myself and OH are off for our 2nd trip to Disney in January.

Previously we have tried touristy places like TuTuTango and Bahama Breeze, none to our liking. Also a couple of non-touristy places which we preferred - Aashirwad and Nagoya Sushi. We generally like spicy food and love the cuisine of South & SouthEast Asia (having previously lived there). Not sure if it's relevant, but we don't drink.

We're on a bit of a budget and will mainly be eating in, but would like a couple of recommendations for lunch and dinner, preferably with entree's around $15 or less. On the shortlist so far (thanks to Chowhound) are The Ravenous Pig, Dexters, Asia Bagus and maybe Boma.

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  1. Also good is a new Thai place in Dr. Phillips Marketplace called Tang's--delicious upscale Thai Food, but maybe too expensive. Rice Paper on Turkey Lake Road has exceptionally good Vietnamese food, and it's in your price range.

    1. I think Boma (the African-inspired all-you-can-eat buffet at Animal Kingdom) is closer to $25 per person, so I don't know if you want to reconsider it or not due to your budget. I have yet to try it, but people here have always spoken highly of it.

      1. when were in orlando last summer, we found this great venezuelan restaurant across the street from the premium outlets. it's definately un-touristy and budget friendly. in fact, we loved it so much we ate there 3 days in a row! here's the info:

        8117 Vineland Ave.
        Orlando, FL 32821

        re: rice paper on turkey lake rd... we actually ate there and IMHO, it was the worst vietnamese i've ever eaten. the service was terrible and the pho and spring rolls were even worst! i also thought it was a bit pricey for viet food. actually, i thought most asian restaurants are pricier than other cities. we went to a thai restaurant and most plates were $15+.

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          Well, All of the places you mention are in Non tourist areas and do not have entre's for $15 or less. You will have to drive an hour to get to those places. I would check out voodoo Lou's place first. Latin and indian places would be your best bet in general. Some of the best indian places are in that area. If you want down home southern cooking where the locals go, try Randy's at the intersection of hwy 27 and 192.Gator tail, catfish, froglegs and prime rib.