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Nov 18, 2007 05:27 AM

Best Pies in Greater Philadelphia area?

My fiancee and I have volunteered to bring an apple pie to my family's Thanksgiving dinner. We generally don't eat pie during the year and therefore don't know where to look. Do any of you have suggestions? Any recommendations in Chester County would be particularly helpful because we live in West Chester and would prefer not to drive more than 30 minutes for the pie.

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  1. I haven't been there in 2 years, but there used to be a place at 106 W. Gay Street, called Le Petite Bakery. Call them at (215) 751-1035 and see if they are still in business. Two years ago the pastries were fabulous and they might very well make pies. In Paoli, you have Queen of Hearts on Route 30; 610-889-0477. I'm sure that their pies would be very good.

    1. Highland orchard (in the west chester area) makes a great pie. Although I haven't personally bought one (dinner guests have brought them to our house) I think you probably have to pre-order it due to the high demand of the holidays. Good luck!

      1. Okay, I'm ducking my head down...but Costco has very decent pies. Apple, pumpkin, apple blends (less frequent) and good cheesecakes. They are not as good as premium bakery pies but are much better then supermarket pies and are large and relatively inexpensive.