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Nov 18, 2007 04:22 AM

Sunday to Wednesday in Rome,nr Trastavere

Hey all

Am staying in Rome 25 to 28 Nov, for my girlfriend's birthday. We are staying on Via Petroselli and I was hoping for some lunch and dinner recs, particularly within walking distance.

Everyone raves about Trastavere but I have no clue where to go. I want to avoid tourist traps although I can only speak a little Italian ( we are talking basic stuff here). Fish /seafood a big favourite of mine but girlfriend is pasta addict.

Recs for one ' spoil yourself, who cares about cost ',one chilled out place for good pizza, and one place I can get great squid or ( even better ) totani would be excellent. Authentic yet friendly is preferred atmosphere.

One place I ve come across on other sites is Trattoria de Gensole (a ?). Any views or thoughts on this ?( including where it is !)

Finally, any good places for a late night drink, given we are staying at worst time of the week !

Thanks for any help you can give ...

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  1. Da Othello has a big beautiful antipasti bar, and everything I had from it was delicious.
    For primi and secondi we thought La Scala was better.
    Lots of people love the pizza at Da Ivo, but IMO it was OK, not outstanding.
    For drinks, we had a lot of fun at a pub in Trastevere with a woman's name...I didn't feel very Italian-one of our companions said it reminded him more of Amsterdam--but it was lively and the drinks were good. I'll try to come up with the name, or maybe some one else knows what I'm talking about.