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Nov 17, 2007 10:03 PM

Best Szechwan/ Jia Wei 佳味川菜 has closed (i think)

Well, it's tragic. it's gone. taiwan beer house is there. has nothing for it.

maybe they moved? anyone?

their shuizhu fish was killer. And the guaiwei ji chicken (they had the real sichuan name for it) was one of the best i've ever had.

Really sad. I'm assuming they didn't get a big enough clientele.

Just sad. Move over quanjude formerly of rosemead. Another great place bites the dust.

I'm really just posting this to see if anyone knows if it's moved.


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  1. Is this the Best Szechwan on Garfield (north of Garvey) you're talking about? If so I recall board chatter that they (1) sold to new buyers who kept the name but put out an inferior product and (2) reopened as Golden River in Cerritos.

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    1. re: Chelmoon

      that's the one.i never saw the new buyers' place. It's now called taiwan beer something.

      do you think thegolden river factoid is reliable? anyone?

      1. re: Jerome

        The 'hound who tracked Golden River down also posted favorably on it recently. Unfortunately I'm having trouble with the search function and can't link it. I've been meaning to undertake a field trip down to Cerritos to check it out but I haven't had the time.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          chinesypage doesn't list it. lapublichealth has it in Artesia on south street.

          1. re: Chandavkl

            It's not in Cerritos, it's in Artesia. Here's the CH post:


            Google lists two addresses with the same phone number, but the address I linked to below is the one on their website:


            Golden River Restaurant
            11700 South St, Artesia, CA

            1. re: maxzook

              Technically, Artesia is a part of Cerritos, but yes your information is correct, on the south side of South Street, midway between Gridley and Pioneer, and they relocated in April of this year with the same personnel involved, per the ABC liquor license, and they do serve beer & wine.

              1. re: carter

                Artesia and Cerritos are separate cities but they are adjacent and share the same postal zip code (90701). Cerritos is well known for its resident Chinese community but most of the authentic Chinese restaurants serving the community happen to be in Artesia. Only Prince Seafood and Sam Woo are actually in Cerritos. However, all of the other places frequently mentioned on this board, such as restaurants in the 99 Ranch Shopping Center, the Diho Market Shopping Center and the Sea Palace Shopping Center are actually in Artesia--but the Chinese refer to these all as Cerritos restaurants. (Indeed, Macau Street claims to be in Cerritos, but they're really in Artesia.)

              2. re: maxzook

                I posted earlier about this Golden River being Best Szechwan and I an very sad to report it has not made a successful transition to Artesia/Cerritos area. It is bigger and better decorated, but that does not translate into better food. I ate there 3 times and the food was not very good. The menu is a fraction of the size of the old one, but at it is all translated into English. The woman who owns/runs it recognized me as a former customer of Best Szechwan and I had great expectations for a great meal. I ordered some of the items that I had before and they went from a 9-10 to 4-5 on a 10 point scale. I had to go back 2 more times ant those times the food was inferior also. One of the dishes that I has was twice cooked pork and I have eaten hundreds of versions of this dish and I must say that was among the worst version that I ever had and at Best Szechwan it was among the best I have ever had. Artesia in not part of Cerritos and it is older and much smaller than Cerritos(former Dairy Valley).

                1. re: ScottE

                  i saw an ad for Golden River in the LA times wed food section, and it mentioned the dish of Golden Lobster, and then i thought to myself "where have i had that before?" at best szechwuan of course, and sure enough now you've made it clear that they are related.

                  have you tried the golden lobster there? at the new location in artesia?

                  1. re: ScottE

                    Hey ScottE,

                    Ugh, thanks for the tip. Well, that saves me a trip down to Golden River. Definitely a tragedy that Jia Wei has closed, and that the replacement sucks.

              3. re: Jerome

                hey jerome, is this the joint that served golden lobster and all those beef tendon and chinese spicey beef jerky cold dishes?

                1. re: kevin

                  i don't remember golden lobster. I do remember the cold dishes and the water boiled dishes. they had frog and kidney. Don't remember tendon as being a big thing.

            2. What a strange world.

              There was also a Jia Wei in Orange County, which also served Szechwan food, and it was one of the best Chinese restaurants. And, the owner/chef ended up retiring and selling the place to somebody else. And, the new ownership lost all the customers when it tried to switch to a more Taiwanese cuisine.