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Nov 17, 2007 07:53 PM

what to order in around yonge/bayview/eg?

having a movie night tomorrow and need to order in for a crowd of people with dietary needs - one vegetarian, one strictly non-dairy including butter, and me, who just likes things healthy. i'm thinking thai - satay on the road? lime? elsewhere? has anyone tried "fine asian bowl" on bayview where star east used to be? any ideas/feedback would be appreciated!

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  1. Tabule would fit all of the needs. Very yummy Middle Eastern. On east side of Yonge, about 4 or 5 blocks south of Eg.

    1. We ordered in from Amaya last week and it was pretty good - nice flavours, definitely tasty though I found everything to be pretty oversauced. I've ordered in from Riz via Superwaiter before - their menu is pretty hit and miss but I like the drunken crab, garlic shrimp, house rice, etc. You could certainly find veggie and non-dairy options at both. I agree about Tabule - great spot - though I've found their take-out to be less consistent than the restaurant itself. What movie are you watching????

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        Hey Peppermint.

        What do you mean by oversauced? Also, I have never been past the 'take out' place when it was open. Do they do orders over the phone or do you have to show up?

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          Hi kawarthagirl - each dish we ordered seemed to be drowning in sauce - so for example, the shrimp in coconut curry had maybe 4 or 5 jumbo shrimp in about 1-1/2 cups of thick sauce. Same with the chicken tikka masala. The proportions just seemed all wrong even though there were some nice flavours in there. They take orders over the phone - as of last week, they didn't yet have a menu online but they offered to walk me through the menu over the phone (I ended up picking up a menu when I was driving by). They're extremely nice.

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          quite shamefully, we watched a university production of HMS Pinafore that we were all in a few years back. we went with Fine Asian Bowl on Bayview - spring roll platter with some particularly yummy cold tofu rolls, basil chicken with a good amount of spice, mixed veg and chicken in oyster sauce that lacked oomph, and a huge "small" portion of rare beef pho for under $7. the price was right and the speed of delivery was great for sunday night - about 30 mins. want to try Amaya and Tabla, but want to try them both in the resto first. thanks for the ideas.

        3. Tabla does delivery. Extremely good Indian food, on a par with Amaya, and very good about requests.

          Green Papaya has also been good lately. I think they've changed ownership, and the new folks are not letting things slip.

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