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Nov 17, 2007 07:34 PM

First trip to Manhattan

Fellow Chowhounders! The wife and I are taking our first ever trip to NYC. We are going to be staying near the southern end of Central Park. About 2 blocks form the park. We love to eat and I am looking for some really great places to go. I know that NYC has lots of great options so I am trying to get a couple recommendations that might be close to that area for dinner and then maybe something that is close to some attractions for lunch.

The sky is the limit! Let me know what you think!


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  1. Without knowing any more than your preference for proximity, I suggest Per Se, which is in the Time Warner Center on Columbus Circle and Jean George, located at 1 Central Park West. You did say "sky is the limit".

      1. You do have the Time Warner Ctr. options which are quite lush. All three to five star restaurants, but you also have other great options in the area. San Domenico, which is italian (you can find most menus and addresses on either or

        You are also just a shoot away from PJ Clarkes for a great burger/pub. Rosa Mexicana-really good mexican especially the guacamole. Or you can venture out since you're in the shot of every subway line in the city.

        Personally if I had three restaurants in three days I'd try one great asian emporium, i.e. Tao, Spice Market or Buddakan
        One great italian/pizza-Otto, Babbo, Del Poso
        One great local ingredients-Gramercy Tavern (front room, its first come first serve), Cookshop, Five Points, Red Cat or Bette

        This is a good start it can be overwhelming. Most of these places will run from $50 to $150 depending on your dessert and drinking.

        Have fun. If you have more q's go to, there are alot of food ideas there too.

        P.S. I'm always up for a trip to Chinatown.

        P.P.S. You might want some good basic french- Pastis or Balthazar always fun.

        1. When do you plan on being here? How much time to you have to plan/reserve? And as Leah asked, any cuisine preferred?

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            For Asian there is Shun Lee West at 66th and Bdwy.
            Picholine is also in the same area.
            Of course if, as you say, "the sky's the limit", I agree with snowbalz, why go any further than Per Se or Jean George's?

            1. re: idia

              Why no further than Per Se or Jean George? Because there is Daniel and EMP!

            2. re: Spiritchaser

              We are going to be there over the weekend of December 14th-16th. We will be staying about 2 blocks south of Central Park on 57th. I don't mind venturing out--we plan to take in as much as we can without being out of control. We understand that NYC is HUGE and we want to be sure we get to see some of the city and get some good ideas for our next trip out there.

              I would like to find some good deli's for lunch. I hear Carnegie and Stage are top notch. Any others that might be a better choice?

              I have never met and italian restaurant that I didn't like. :) I will also pretty much try anything and love all kinds of cuisine. Would like to have once really fancy dinner and find some places that have great food and reasonable prices. Finding a great meal in any city is easy. Finding a great meal at a great price is always a challenge and fun!

              1. re: ptbr45

                There is an awful lot to choose from but here are a couple suggestions (and before I forget to say it you don't want Carnegie Deli, you want Katz).

                If you want Italian head to Crispo, it's not in the neighborhood you are staying but it would be worth the short trip downtown.

                Steakhouse - Keen's (nothing more to say)

                Approachable gourmet - db Bistro Moderne (We love this place)

                Cost no limit meal - Daniel (same chef/owner as db Bistro - Daniel Boulud)

                Wonderful food near you Telepan on the West side of the park

                Have a drink at Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Station

                Some others you probably want to look into Eleven Madison Park, Cru, Gordon Ramsey at The London.

                1. re: Spiritchaser

                  Let me qualify the deli issue. First off, leave The Stage out.It's blah.

                  Carnegie is "The" tourist deli. BIG (no really, BIG) portions, big prices, sandwiches named after celebs etc.But the food is better than The Stage. And it's relatively close to where you are staying.

                  Also more for tourists, but with more manageable portion sizes is Juniors near Times Square. (It's not bad, I've eaten there before and after the theater a couple of times lately.).

                  At this point, with the mighty Second Avenue Deli gone, the best "real" deli in Manhattan would probably be Katz's. (Which is where they filmed the "'I'll have what she's having" scene in When Harry Met Sally). It is quite far from where you are staying (East Houston Street) and not very pretty. But its got more of an old time New York feel.

                  I hate to say it, but at this point, I think there are more New York style delis in Los Angeles than there are here in NYC.

              1. re: kathryn

                Thanks to everyone. All of this information has been VERY helpful. Thanks for helping out the first timer! Based on the volume of information I think I might need to schedule another trip to New York VERY soon. My tummy is rumbling just thinking about all the options!

                Thanks everyone! Keep posting if you come up with other ideas...Still a month to go before I am there!