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Nov 17, 2007 07:29 PM

Limon - review

Just came back from dinner at Limon. Not quite what I was expecting - but a very decent evening was had by all.

I have to give 5 stars though to the jicama salad. Original, tasty, spicy - a definite candidate for a re-creation experiment in my kitchen!. Started with the guacamole - very nice, but not at all spicy - hadn't even shared counter space with a jalapeno or any chile pepper for that matter - but still very tasty. Hubby had calamari with chipotle sauce - said they were delish. For mains I had the braised pork - nothing outstanding there- left me wanting more ooomph- again not much of any kind of spice- and I don't necessarily mean heat, just spice. Hubby had the enchilada with mole - good, very very good.

Dessert sucked big time . I chose my fave, creme brulee - it was a distant cousin at best - dulce de leche like in colour (not taste), not quite sure why - and it and vanilla pods had not been introduced.

The service was fair to midling, the wine list decent, the wine we ordered (a red) too cold to enjoy for at least 1/2 hour- 45 mins.

Overall, good - recommendable, but not stellar.

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  1. Interesting comment about the wine - I had that exact problem last year. We spoke with the owner because the temperature really affected the taste (and it was a wine we hadn't tried before) - he was very gracious, even offered to replace the bottle if we weren't satisfied when it 'warmed'. Your review is on par with my experience also - I guess we can say they are consistent :-)

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      For the wine being too cold, IMO, it's easier to warm it up than to cool it down.

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        If I had felt that the waitstaff actually cared about how things were going at my table, I might have said something. As mentioned, the service was a little sketchy (the waiter picked up a practically untouched creme brulee - well, I did remove the burnt sugar crust and tasted two spoonfuls - but it was still pretty full and didn't even bat an eyelash).

        I just didn't want to start anything. Since we weren't in a rush, we waited a good whle before enjoying the private list Zinfandel ($45) - and it wasn't bad. But when the waitress or whoever she was, poured it for me to taste, and I commented that it was a little too cold to appreciate, she said, oh, it's been in the wine cellar.

        Yeah, so????

      2. Maison, you should include the address in a review. I noticed that it is Notre-Dame ouest - so doubt I'll go there on my own, but like to keep places in mind for people working or living in various parts of Montréal and Québec, or visiting.

        What was in the jicama salad? Jicama is so refreshing, and I can find nice juicy ones at the Asian supermarket on St-Denis just south of Jean-Talon.

        I don't want to start up a new thread, but has anyone been to Au coin mexicain, which is located at the SE corner of Sherbrooke and St-Laurent, where MAP was before?

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          Sorry about the address - it's on Notre Dame, diagonaly across from Joe Beef.

          The Jicama salad had pineapple, apples and cucumber. The dressing was lime juice, cilantro and chiles. I think there was a little canola in it also.

        2. Thanks for the review, maisonbistro. People I know who've been have complained of the kitchen's being chile shy; would you concur?

          Oddly, the website doesn't rank high in the Google results listing. Anyway, here it is, complete with the cheesiest video ever ("starring" Mose Persico, natch, who really ought to be more careful about interviewing working chefs who have sharp knives within reach).