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Nov 17, 2007 06:39 PM

Best Artichokes

I recently discovered that one of my good friends claims to hate the choke - one of my alltime favorites (I eat 'em steamed with an olive oil - lemon - honey sauce). Anyhow at dinner we had an app of some baby chokes which he really liked; but i thought they were so so. Any thoughts of where I can a tasty artichoke based dish????


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  1. Bianca on Bleecker serves fried baby artichokes, which are not as good as the ones I remember having in Rome, but are still pretty good - hopefully those aren't what you just described as "so so." If anyone knows of a place in Manhattan that does the artichoke smashed flat & fried really well, I'd like to hear about it.

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      I had really good fried artichoke once at the Serafina's on E 61st St. The leaves were fried crisp and could be eaten like potato chips.

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        That's exactly what I want, thanks. I'll check out Serafina's.

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          I went to La Lunetta in BK over the summer and had them prepared this way... sliced thin and then fried. VERY much like potato chips. The only reason I mention is because Lunetta just opened up in Flatiron and likely have a similar dish.

          It was very good.

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        1. Morandi...had that appetizer yesterday, and it was phenominal. They had an appetizer special with sauteed baby chokes in this amazing sauce...yummy to soak up with bread. They also have a fried version, as well.

          1. Gusto, on Greenwich at Perry, serves excellent fried artichokes.

            Pasta Pesce on Bleecker (NOT the one on 9th ave, which is awful) serves a delicious steamed artichoke stuffed with seasoned breadcrumbs and butter, yum.

            1. Brio on 61st and Lex. "Carcioffi fritti" - it's amazing

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                The fried artichokes at Fiorello's across from Lincoln Center are my favorities.