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Nov 17, 2007 06:22 PM

Suggestions for Double Date night??

My partner's sister has recently moved to Cedar Park.

We will be visiting in December, and we are trying to plan a double date night. Our friends have two young kids and don't get out much, so we're working on the logistics. I would like to find a spot with:
i) good cocktails ii) a hang out and linger vibe iii) still relatively upscale, but not stuffy iv) if it could be relatively close to the Cedar Park area, that would be preferable, but we can do downtown if the 'burbs are hopeless v) excellent food, but preferably with a Texas twist.

Any thoughts?
Thanks -

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  1. Based on your parameters, I'm going to suggest the Texican. Good margaritas, nice patio area that almost never has a wait, and better-than-average 'gringo-mex'. Nothing mind-blowing, but I always leave satisfied.

    Freda's Seafood may be another good option.

    1. Z' Tejas just opened at Parmer and Avery Ranch Blvd. And Cool River at Parmer and Mopac is pretty good too.

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        Reed's isn't that far since it's near the Arboretum and definitely has cocktails and an adult linger vibe with their live music!

        1. re: amykragan

          Reed's has since lost their lease.

      2. I used to love the Granite Cafe (I lived in Austin briefly 20 years ago) but I read that it closed. Are there any places with similar food and vibe?

        1. Since this thread got bumped, I can report that we ended up at Lambert's... and I really liked it.

          I did post a trip report, including more details of this meal... but I we thought the brisket and the ribs were fantastic. Baby boar ribs were spicy and delish, and I was consistently surprised and delighted by my tastings of Texan cheeses (on Lambert's charcuterie plate, and later at La Traviata). Mashed potatoes and mac-and-cheese were artery clogging and great. Bartending deserves props (excellent sidecar!). Desserts disappointed (except the tapioca parfait, which was lovely).

          I do intend to go back to Lambert's and it has a fun, lively and "Texas"-y enough atmosphere (for us - give us that we're tourists).... we were totally satisfied.

          Although I also loved Starlite and would double-date there any night!