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Nov 17, 2007 05:53 PM

Anyone have feedback on Excelsior in Boston?

I'm meeting an old friend there, and I was curious if any fellow hounds have been to the Excelsior Restaurant...any recommendations or anything? What kind of food is served? I tried their web site but it's been down for a while...and besides, I'd rather have a field report from all y'all professional foodies! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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  1. bump

    Nobody's been to this place before??? Someone has to have some advice on the!

    1. My man and I went to Excelsior a while back - maybe two years ago. We found the service wonderful, but the food was more hit and miss. I remember the appetizers being very good, but when the mains came, a couple of dishes were over salted - *way* over salted. The worst offender was an interpreation of peking duck. The other, if I remember correctly, was a side dish of spinach or chard. I remember dessert as very artfully presented, but not as interesting or tasty as it looked. Admittedly, that could have been due to my salt-blown tastebuds working at less than peak performance.

      On the plus side, the dining room was elegant and comfortable, and the service was warm, friendly and very professional. The sommelier was extremely helpful when it came time to choose from the dizzying wine list.

      The menu is up there now, if you want to have a look.

      1. I had a fantastic meal when I went for Restaurant Week last August. Obviously, something like the corn bisque, which I quite enjoyed, won't be on the menu now. The dark chocolate cake for dessert was very good, not heavy or cloying like so many can be.

        Pictures can be found here:

        1. ditto restaurant week a year ago...they had this awesome pheasant curry appetizer that isn't on their regular menu.
          If you do go, ask for a window table. With lights on the trees on the commons, it's a great view (the rest of the dining room is a bit noisy)...