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parve chocolate chips or baking chocolate

koshergirl Nov 17, 2007 05:31 PM

I'm having some visitors next week that don't eat OU-D products ( even if it's not actually dairy but just made on the same equipment) can anyone recommends their favorite brand ?

Thanks in advance...

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    alyssa Nov 17, 2007 06:58 PM

    scharffen berger-seminsweet baking

    1. p
      paprkutr Nov 17, 2007 07:02 PM

      Trader Joes semi-sweet chocolate chips, good, inexpensive and pareve. I've tried a lot and I like these especially and I buy a lot.

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      1. re: paprkutr
        UWSFoodie Nov 18, 2007 12:36 PM

        I agree, trader joes has the best pareve chips!

        1. re: UWSFoodie
          ganeden Nov 19, 2007 06:22 PM


          I agree too. We use the Trader Joes (Van Houten) as well. Excellent!

      2. s
        sherry f Nov 19, 2007 08:43 AM

        President's Choice chocolate chips excellent and are pareve. I know they are made in Canada but I think they sell their products at some grocery chains in the U.S.

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        1. re: sherry f
          alyssa Nov 19, 2007 05:20 PM

          you could use the scharffen ebrger bar and cut pieces of chocolate and use it in your baking

        2. t
          TAKEOUTISFORME Nov 22, 2007 12:27 PM

          ShopRite chocolate chips are parve. They are delicious.

          1. s
            shoelace Nov 22, 2007 09:09 PM

            after going through this post, and seeing mention of the trader joe's chips, i tried em for my thanksgiving chocolate pecan pie, and they are the best, no question

            1. t
              texasmensch Nov 25, 2007 11:20 AM

              We love the Wal-Mart branded chocolate chips. I think they were dairy for a while but are back to parve. OU.

              1. k
                koshergirl Nov 25, 2007 06:41 PM

                thanks everyone. I actually went to trader Joes and they are pretty awesome.

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                1. re: koshergirl
                  sharonlebewohl Nov 25, 2007 07:42 PM

                  I use Scharffen Berger chocolate for things like a flourless chocolate cake, where chocolate is the main ingredient. For things like that, the best chocolate makes a huge difference. In other things, I can't see spending the money. I love the Trader Joes Chocolate.

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