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Nov 17, 2007 05:08 PM

Publick House

Had either a late lunch or very early dinner, depending on your perspective, 'round 5pm tonight. Walking in from the cold to a beautiful, dark, candlelit room was brilliant. Good thing we nabbed 2 seats at the bar by 4:30pm - man, I'd forgotten how quickly this place fills up. Haven't been there since the addition of the Monk's Cell, which was gorgeous (we sat on the "old" side to catch some college f-ball). Got the moules frites (pot #5, with chipotle, coconut, and fresh lime). Mussels were passable (on the small side - out of season?), the broth delectable. Highly disappointed in the frites, which, considering that they are a Belgian beer bar, should be fantastic, double fried and all that (we had great ones recently at Philly's Eulogy). The cone that comes with the moules is laughably small. They were clearly old fries that were heated up. Hard and sad. We ordered an additional full order and they were slightly better - at least fresher. We mentioned it to the bar manager (in a good natured way - hell, these are french fries we're talking about). Dipping sauces were adequate. Also got the Allagash-battered shrimp - thick, panko-esque coating, which we both loved. Crunchy goodness, cholesterol be damned. Delirium Tremens, Allagash Triple, Cisco Grey Lady, Sierra Nevada Celebration and Cisco Whale's Tale. $60 before tip. Yum. Beer.

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  1. I was looking at the shrimp on the menu last night and almost ordered it. Good to hear it's tasty. I find it hard, though, to order anything but the veggie burger or the mac and cheese. Publick House has become my go-to for comfort food.

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      Do yourself a favor and try the waterzooi aux poissons. Very very good, and goes well with a variety of Belgian brews to boot!

      1. re: Dr.Jimbob

        I've heard the waterzooi recommended a few times, and my fiancee finally tried it a couple weeks ago. Neither of us were actually impressed, flavors were fair, but overall it seemed like just fish in milk.

        I had the duck breast with demi-glace, which was definitely good, but I probably won't order it again in comparison to some of their other dishes.

        Faves include: mac and cheese, cubano, cassoulet, and often a good burger (make sure to ask for cheese).

        1. re: Discoethan

          Their sausage and mash is incredible, and a bargain too.

    2. I was there tonight and they really have a great menu: New Zealand Elk chops (veal rib rack a month ago), seafood waterzooi (a meal for two in my experience), belgian beef stew, beer soup, bluefish fillet, cassoulet, mussels and frites (I agree that Euology is excellent and the PH needs larger portions). Sorry I can't remember more, the website is down and they don't have take home menu copies, but new menu is really impressive -- as is the beer menu of course.

      1. Sorry to hear about the bad frites, usually they're very good. I also love the burgers there - always fresh and juicy.

        1. The PH has the BEST beer selection and eye candy!

          1. Was just here last night... De Dolles Oerbier on draft!! Amazing. I also tried a Belgian beer flavored w mustard greens, but don't recall the name of the brewer. I had a large order of the pumpkin ravioli, which were delicious but gooey in a sea of cheese... i could have done with less cheese, so that i could taste the ravioli better... but hey, i'm nitpicking.

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            1. re: tulseluper

              Tulseluper! I had the same reaction to the pumpkin was missing something. but i love PH and every thing about it ...expect a big round of new beer in this week, so many kegs were kicked this wkd that Monday's beer selection was very weak (4 domestics on draft).

              1. re: MaineRed

                They're offering the same ravioli breaded and fried for an appetizer. Very tasty, and the pumpkin flavor is pronounced.

                1. re: MaineRed

                  Can you kindly explain the "4 domestics on draft" part of your post? There is always a mix of well made US craft brews available at TPH alongside drafts from Belgium, Germany and elsewhere.