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Nov 17, 2007 05:00 PM

Thanksgiving dinner near Spring Hill, FL

Hi guys,
First of all, thanks for the suggestions and links in palm harbor, but my brother wants me to find something closer to him.
Any suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner near Spring Hill?? Or even Ocala area.

THANKS in advance!!!!!

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  1. the country club at Timber Pines ( but you need to be a member)

    Silverthrorn country club and Glen lakes
    (My inlaws recommend Glen lakes)

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    1. re: cherylp3

      Thanks... do you have to be a member of Glen Lakes and Silverthorn??
      I appreciate the help!!

      1. re: redfishe

        Glen lakes: I don't think so ( my inlaws aren't members at Glen lakes)

        Not sure on Silverthorn.

    2. Just wantd to give you an update.
      We ended up eating at Island Way in Clearwater on the water.
      It was great... great meal, FAST service! We had reservations, walked right in, sat down, and they got our drinks immediately, followed by the food. I would recommend it!