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Nov 17, 2007 04:48 PM

Mexicana Grill (Bathurst & Wilson)

Anyone tried this place? I'm secretely hoping its a hidden gem but haven't had a chance to check it out.

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  1. I haven't been for ages . . . . but I recall the tortilla soup being very tasty - nice balance of chicken flavour and lime.

    1. Haven't tried it, but does anyone know if it's La Mexicana from a few blocks south on Bathurst, moved north a bit, or is it completely new, and just using a similar name?

      I'm skeptical, only because that location just doesn't seem to do well. After Szechuan King moved out (which never seemed busy), it's never done well - the last place was a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Cafe (or something like that), and it lasted maybe a year.

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      1. re: FresserGuy

        La Mexicana is still in its place on Bathurst - I ate there two weeks ago and was underwhelmed, although perhaps the house specialties might be better than the random assortment of burritos and whatnot we ordered.

        1. re: FresserGuy

          that's the location, its a new place. so no one has eaten there?

        2. So there are 2 places within about 5 blocks....there is La Mexicana Grill which is on Bathurst NORTH of wilson on the west side near Steve's which opened about a month ago and then there is LA mexicana on Bathurst South of Wilson on the east side.

          I live near both, have yet to try the new one, but go to the old one quite a bit...its pretty good- not solid though. If you want better, there is a little mexican place on Bayview south of eglington North of St. Clair that is pretty good on the west side neat the wing place

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          1. re: gobuds

            Its more than 5 blocks, La mexicana is closer to Lawrence. However, I drove by them both today and the signs are extremely similar, could they be related?

            1. re: ddelicious

              We ate at the new location at Bathurst and Wilson (next to Starbucks) tonight. These people should be arrested for charging $16 for such mediocre entrees. The service was dreadful, food was lukewarm, and we waited almost an hour for our food to arrive. Stay away.

              1. re: grillcheese

                What did you eat? Is it related to the other place?

                1. re: ddelicious

                  We ate the combination platter and lukewarm quesadillas. We drank tasteless margaritas, and had dreadful service.
                  This is the third La Mexicana restaurant. These are the same owners as the La Mexicana further south on Bathurst.