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Nov 17, 2007 04:43 PM

Cafe Corsa - Clover #4 in LA!

It's a new independent shop just south of downtown on Figueroa, tucked away in a small center (beautiful old red brick with lots of arches) that's easy to miss on the first pass. Rick, the owner/operator, clearly understands the coffee-making process with all the subtleties involved, from bean selection and roast to brew time. While I was excited to see the Clover there and wondered why he doesn't promote it more, he said it's really all about the coffee (not the machine, I assume) and he hoped his customers would grow in numbers for that alone. Well, I say it couldn't hurt to get the word out about another Clover in Coffee-Loving Chowhounders, go check it out:

Cafe Corsa
2238 South Figueroa
Los Angeles, 90017
(213) 746-2604

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  1. Amazing coffee with a warm friendly atmosphere to boot. If you're into motorcycles, Rick is also a motorcycle nut as well as a coffee fanatic so go in and he'll chat you up about his bikes. We went down on a Sunday and at 2pm they had a couple jazz bands come up to play...great way to spend a Sunday afternoon...trying new coffees and relaxing to some jazz.