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Nov 17, 2007 04:32 PM

Thanksgiving Champagne Cocktail?

Hello, could you suggest a cocktail with champagne to have before we sit down to Thanksgiving dinner? Also, what brand of champagne would you suggest using? Thank you so much for your suggestions and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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  1. Poinsettias - basically, a mimosa, substituting cranberry for OJ, and adding a splash of triple sec/cointreau/grand marnier. The cranberry being the obvious tie-in to Thanksgiving. As far as the champagne to use, I wouldn't use the pricey stuff, as you're mixing it. Just go for something dry...

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      The poinsettia is a great choice or try a bellini - peach puree with champagne. I would agree not to go too pricey - try a California sparkling wine like Domaine Chandon, Mumm Napa NV, or such. If you want something is is more about the champagne, go for something simple like pouring champagne over just a bit of POM liqueur and some pomegranate seeds. The Chandon or Mumm still works but for me its all about the bubbly so I like to break out a bottle of Mumm Napa DVX, Schramsberg, J, or Veuve Cliquot. Having said that, I drink the Kirkland Champagne from Costco and it's a good bottle at a decent price.


    2. Twist on the above mentioned Pointsettia...use Chambord instead of the triple sec/Cointreau