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Nov 17, 2007 04:28 PM

Beautiful burgers @ Ugly American, Fall River

Just visited Ugly American in Fall River for the first time. I don't know how long it has been there (I live in Bristol, RI and was in town for a pilgrimage to Daou Market -- another food dork's dream), but it is exactly what it advertises on the sign: Real Burgers, Dogs and Fries.

Perfect burgers: all appear to be seven ounces, with a variety of toppings and a focus on exact preparation (they list the temperatures to which they cook for rare, medium rare, etc.). Seven ounces appears to be the ideal amount of meat for a burger, even though it looked small when it arrived (too many visits to restaurants that prize size over quality?). I had the black and blue burger (blue cheese and caramelized onions) and my husband had one with sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. We both ordered a side of fries; mine was half french fries and half onion strings; his was half french fries, half fried zucchini. The potatoes were just right, the onion strings were awesome, the zucchini fries tasted like... fry. But they were zucchini -- there isn't much taste involved.

Service was good. We were helped by a man who appeared to be the owner and he was attentive and helpful. They don't list the sources of their meats and other ingredients, but I saw a flier for Great Hill Blue Cheese behind the counter and there was a collection of food magazines on the counter for customers to read -- I think the owner enjoys the good stuff and nothing tasted like less than the real thing. The decor is funky, with plywood paneling on the walls and some fun quotes on signs on the ceiling. We were there less than an hour and many people came in for eat-in and take-out in that time -- so I'm hoping it will be around for a long time. We'll certainly be back!

Ugly American - (508) 672-4427
240 New Boston Road, Fall River

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  1. Awesome, this sound slike just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

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      Okay, I'm sold. Thanks for the heads up!

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        Took me a while, but I finally made it over to Ugly American! Sweet little place, and the food is very good. I kept it simple--a cheeseburger with bacon, plus half fries/half onion straws. The burger was very nice, and actually reminded me very much of the burgers we used to eat in my family growing up--reasonably-sized (aka small for a restaurant--I like this) and thick, nicely browned, and very juicy. I found it to be a bit too tightly formed, but it was great all the same. The bacon was nice and thick, and the cheese perfectly melted on. Also, I ordered it medium and received it... MEDIUM! Not medium-well! Hooray! The fries and onion straws were both very good, though I thought the onion straws could have stayed in for a minute more. The fries actually tasted like potatoes--a rarity.

        I'll have to go back soon to try their hot dogs and some of the more creative burger toppings. Definitely worth a trip, the best burger I've had so far in the area.

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          I think griddled. I didn't notice grill marks on my burger. It was thoroughly seared on the outside, pink in the middle (I ordered medium).

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            Do they serve beer? I know that Monday at 10am is too early to be craving a burger and a beer, but so be it. However, from looking at the website, it doesn't seem to be the type of place to serve alcohol.

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              They don't serve beer -- it's BYOB. There's a People's Liquors a few blocks away on President Ave., though. They have a good selection of microbrews, but I'm not sure how many of them are kept cold.

              It is NEVER to early to be craving a burger and a beer!

        2. Yes, that was probably the owner who served you. Every time I've been there (5 times now) he has served me. I go to this place when I'm jonesing for a "real" burger. The fries are fresh hand-cut and are to die for. In fact, I think I like the fries better than the burgers! My only wish is that the burgers were char-grilled instead of fried on a griddle. The local paper (Fall River Herald News) ran this article when they opened:

          The only caveats I have are:
          - Size: The place is small with seating for only about 15. Yes, it is tastefully decorated but it is small.
          - Parking: No parking lot, free on-street only. Not a big deal for those who are familiar with Fall River, but this stretch of New Boston Rd is congested and narrow. Because I like my side mirrors attached to my car, I usually park on Read St.

          1. This place rules... awesome burgers... choice of fries and the opportunity to mix and match. Now they do fried twinkies, fried oreos, fried chocolate chip cookies. This place is my mecca for burgers

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              does anyone know it ugly american is moveing?