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Nov 17, 2007 03:35 PM

Rubee, Help,please

I am about to make the SIlver Palate cheese straws. I am using the Pepperidge Farms puff pastry (as you said you did). However, I just noticed that the TWO sheets equal one pound, which is what the recipe calls for, and I only defrosted one sheet. OY.
Will I truly only get 10 straws from the one sheet? The recipe yield for one pound says 20 straws, and since I only have half of that, should I just go ahead and make the one sheet, and get 10 straws or should I defrost the other sheet?
Basically what I am asking is, how many cheese straws did you get when you made them, and how many of the PF sheets did you use?
Thank you so much.

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  1. You will get 10 straws from one sheet. Puff pastry thaws in a thrice. Get out another sheet if you need more.

    1. So sorry I missed this! I'm glad dutchdot helped you out, I only used one sheet too. How did they turn out?

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        They taste good, bit I think I made the strips a little too thin.Those that you made look wider, and much more professional!!
        Anyway, I did make them.They were pretty easy to do (although the puff pastry seemed to stick onto my counter when rolling it it out. I think it may have been too warm?), and now I know how to make them, and how to make them even better!!
        Thanks for all you help.

        1. re: bxgirl

          you can also make these by adding any seed you like, just a little egg wash and throw some poppyseed or sesame seeds on. I love this recipe!

          1. re: bxgirl

            Mine stuck to the counter too. This tiny kitchen gets so warm when the oven is on. Also, some of my 'filling' came out every time I cut/twisted them. I made the Martha Stewart ones, and she suggests brushing the dough with butter before sprinkling on the cheese and that helped it to stick. And I only took pics of the good ones, my husband ate the ones that didn't look so good ; )

            1. re: Rubee

              You are too funny. I guess we have the same problem...a tiny (Manhattan?) kitchen. Now that you mention it, I bet that contributed to the soft puff pastry, and sticking-on-the counter problem.
              I am having 17 people over for Thansgiving dinner tomorrow, and although I am so looking forward to it and the great variety of delicious food, I am losing sleep over how I will get everything into the oven that needs the oven, onto the serving dishes etc. since I have so little counter space in my tiny kitchen, etc. etc. Oh, and of course it is supposed to be close to 60 degrees tomorrow here in New York, so we will all be sweating form the hot kitchen, close quarters, and warm weather!!!
              HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

              1. re: bxgirl

                Yep, tiny downtown (Boston) kitchen. I remember the first year having Thanksgiving here, taking the turkey out of the oven, and just standing there because every inch of counterspace and stovetop was taken. I had to put it out in the hallway until I could make room. And then there's the problem of everybody crowding into the galley kitchen "to help". GET OUT ; )

                Off to make stuffing and mashed potatoes..

                Happy Thanksgiving!