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Nov 17, 2007 03:12 PM

Breakfast Near Baldwin Park

I have to be in Baldwin Park this week around breakfast time.Any places I should try there or on Colonial nearby?

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  1. Yes,, There is a mom and pop! Roger's Diner is good. It is at the corner of winter park road and Corrine drive. This place is cheap and good!

    1. I know this doesn't quite fit your search criteria, but I highly recommend Bagel King on Howell Branch Road. I don't often deign to get out of bed just for breakfast most days, but I'll happily do it for Bagel King. I live very near BP, and it takes us like seven minutes to get there.

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      1. re: jazzy77

        Seconding the awesomeness of Bagel King. It's definitely worth the short drive from Baldwin Park.

      2. rogers is closer but brians would be good too not too far

        1. rogers diner is now "juniors diner". roger died a few weeks ago, though i believe he had sold it several years prior. haven't been there since the change, so i'm not sure about the food.

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          1. re: britterbeezer

            I went to Junior's a few weeks after its re-opening (about a year and a half ago). The menu was the same, the people were the same. It still had the smell of 30 years worth of bacon and cigarettes in the walls.

            For my money, Brian's on Orange Ave & Virgina remains the best Breakfast Diner in town.

            1. re: britterbeezer

              Juniors rocks. It is a diner, so nothing fancy. The breakfast menu is pretty much the same as Rogers, but the place is cleaner. They slapped some new paint on the walls and it doesn't look like the diner my grandpa went to for fifty years in Minnesota anymore. Service is better than Brian's and the food is much more consistent.

              1. re: jdc111

                Cool,,,,, Glad to hear!! Roger's was always tops in that area for breakfeast. The Winter Park Cops actually turned me on to the place. Junior is now the man! I will stop by when I am in the area. Do they still serve collard greens and blackeyed peas for lunch?

                1. re: mountdorahound

                  That I do not know. I've only ever been for breakfast, which is always right on. If they do, I'm sure they're good.

            2. I asked the original question and my breakfast appointment came before your suggestions. Now I'm planning a road trip to Rogers/Juniors.
              By the way - I ended up at the Toojays on Colonial where Ronnie's used to be. The Altamonte place is not bad, but this one was a major disappointment.Cold potatoes, a salami omlette with huge chunks of meat instead of slices and no poppy seed bagels. I still miss Ronnies. It made my first years in Orlando ( no Pumpernicks, no Wolfies,) bearable.