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Nov 17, 2007 03:05 PM

Amarula - anyone else drink it?

I have some good friends from Johannesburg S.A. that introduced me to Amarula several yrs ago and have been hooked ever since. Granted, it's not often that I pour it, but with the cooling weather, I find myself drinking it slightly more often these days.

Just curious - does anyone else drink it and if so, how do you use it? I generally use it similar to how you'd use Kahlua in a white russian, or in "martini".

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  1. What's it taste like? I asked a friend of mine who lived in S. Africa and he mentioned overripe pears or creme de banana....says it was more known for making the elephants drunk.....It appears it's carried in a lot of the Washington state liquor stores, and not terribly expensive.....Friend says he'd try some now for nostalgia, not for taste purposes.....

    Me, my choice is single malts....

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      I've had it a couple times and I always get a rotten fruit flavor on the finish, that mixed with the creamy texture and my gag reflex kicks in. That being said I work in a shop where we sell it and it has a HUGE following. From what I have heard most people just sip it straight.

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        My FIL and wife like it- FIL is into white zin too, FWIW. I had a little the other night (gift bottle from them), and the flavor has a lot of bubblegum, cotton candy, and light caramel to me. Definitely complex but too far to the sweet side for me.

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          Light caramel, yes, and perhaps a faint hint of coconut. I can understand the bubblegum or cotton candy (although those flavors are not necessarily what I get on my palate), and it's overwhelming sweetness is why I usually cut it with vodka.

          smalt - I'm with you, my single-barrel 1990 Macallan did me just fine last night.

          1. re: azhotdish

            Okay, coconut I like, caramel I can accept...but not really liking bubblegum or cotton candy. I'm tempted to get a bottle to try and then give it to one of our S. A coworkers if I dislike it that much, and if they'll take it....May play with it, perhaps pairing with a dark cocoa to cut the sweet.

            As for my SM of choice: try the Glenrothes.....YUMMMMM.....Dalmore cigar malt and Talisker are more of my every-day-kinds. Balvenie Double Wood.....Mac-18....Mac-15 if I can find it...

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        1. I love this stuff - too much. After trying it in Europe, I bought a bottle when I got home (it's available in my local liquor store). That bottle disappeared far too quickly. So now I ration it - only one bottle a year.

          I like Amarula much better than Bailey's - it's not as coconut-y, and I like the exotic, almost mango-like fruit flavor. I don't taste bubble gum, but it is very sweet.

          I just drink Amarula straight, as a dessert.


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            Amen to that. I was converted by some South African friends many moons ago. Does anyone know where you could buy it in the Boston area?

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            1. yeah, i ordered it once or twice in south africa and it was served neat, and on safari we stopped by an amarula tree (or whatever tree produces the fruit), and we all smelled it in fruit-form.