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Nov 17, 2007 02:55 PM

Skyline Bar and Grill in Quincy

Hi...Looking for a place in the Quincy Marina for brunch. Has anyone been to the Skyline Bar and Grill for brunch? If so, how was it? Thanks!

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  1. Went once 2-3 months ago. Half the menu was unavailable, what was available was bland and the service was sketchy. I'd avoid it.

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      Thanks for the reply. Ended up going there on Sunday for brunch to check it out. They had a nice variety of food. They had the usual eggs benedict, home fries, sausage, bacon, fruit, muffins etc. They also had an omelet/belgian waffle station. Belgian waffles were awesome! Also, they had steak and roast pork along with some veggies and rice. Nice variety of pies and individual chocolate cakes. All in all, pretty good! Little pricey at $16.95, but would definately go again. Bet it would be great in the nice weather to walk around the dock, which we did anyway even though it was a bit cold.