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UES Dessert

Chocoholic Nov 17, 2007 02:12 PM

Are there any good places to go for tea and dessert on the Upper East Side? A place in the 70's would be best, but I'm open to all suggestions as there seems to be a serious lack of cafes or dessert places in this area.

  1. p
    peachtart Nov 19, 2007 06:08 AM

    Cafe Sabarsky

    1. g
      gramercyfoodie Nov 19, 2007 03:35 AM

      I love (especially when someone else is paying) Sant Ambroeus on Madison and 77th.

      Sant Ambroeus
      1000 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10021

      1. l
        Lisa Pearson Nov 18, 2007 05:50 PM

        MariBelles ust opened up a new location at 65th and Madison

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        1. re: Lisa Pearson
          MMRuth Nov 19, 2007 03:22 AM

          Oh - that's right - upstairs (for the OP).

          1. re: MMRuth
            G3B Nov 19, 2007 04:01 AM

            Have not gotten there yet. But do they have a sitting area and is it strictly chocolates?

            1. re: G3B
              MMRuth Nov 19, 2007 04:14 AM

              I don't know - haven't been either - but the one downtown has a cafe with hot chocolate, cookies and cakes, and maybe also a small savory menu.

        2. n
          nycskigal Nov 18, 2007 05:20 PM

          Alice's Tea Cup (I think 64th, between Lex and 3rd)

          1. g
            G3B Nov 18, 2007 05:20 AM

            Went to Lady M yesterday afternoon on 78th between Madison and Park (just off Madison) delicious Mille Crepe cake, but quite expensive I thought. Our bill was higher than at Payard's about 2 weeks ago!

            Serendipity's has been closed by BOH.

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            1. re: G3B
              MMRuth Nov 18, 2007 05:22 AM

              I'd forgotten about that place! Other places that I've just remembered include EAT - Madison in the low 80s and Pain Quotidien - a little higher up on Madison.

            2. j
              JFores Nov 18, 2007 12:59 AM

              Serendipity is always an option.

              1. Delucacheesemonger Nov 17, 2007 07:57 PM

                Bread pudding at Sfoglia is wonderful

                1. MMRuth Nov 17, 2007 02:50 PM

                  Payard is the first place that comes to mind - Lexington a block or two north of 72nd Street. It's not open on Sundays though.

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                  1. re: MMRuth
                    idia Nov 17, 2007 06:45 PM


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