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Nov 17, 2007 02:08 PM

West Side Subway

Do any Hounders have any inside info on when Subway is opening on the UWS?

Also does anyone know if it will be on the West side of Broadway or the East side of Broadway? There is already a treif Subway shop on Broadway between 78th and 77th on the East side of the street, so I'm really curious.


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  1. yes, thre treyf one will become kosher...

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    1. re: LoveKosherEats

      Kudos for Subway for acknowledging the kosher market. Next Boro Park!

      But seriously, if the kosher Subways are successfull, maybe some of the other chains will open up to the kosher market, like they do in Israel.

      1. re: MartyB

        im just waiting for cinnabon to go -- anyone wanna do it? the product is already under hashgacha -- just gotta get the stores involved.

        1. re: LoveKosherEats

          yes, Cinnabon would be truly amazing! Please provide more information, what do you mean "the product is already under hashgacha"? Is this a situation like dunkin donuts or krispy kremes?

          1. re: UWSFoodie

            i think the product is already under the OU -- but unlike dd and kk it has to be made on premises etc...i think.

    2. Jason Schwartz, Owner/Operator of the new kosher Manhattan location, says that the Glatt Kosher Subway restaurant will be located on Broadway between West 78th and 79th Streets. In addition, the website: will be up soon with further details.