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Nov 17, 2007 01:44 PM

Borough Food and Drink

The price is not right at Borough Food and Drink. Appetizers run about $15 and entrees between $25-30. They've eliminated their sandwhich portion of the menu which makes it nearly impossible to put together a meal for less than these prices. So out of curiousity, this morning I decided to look up the menus of other restaurants in the neighborhood. Did you know that for the same prices as Borough you can eat at Craft, Craftbar, Blue Water Grill, Hearth, Degustation, Bar Struchzinni, along with nearly a dozen other restaurants with better food and better service. I went to Borough for the second time last night, and for the second time they seated me over 30 minutes later than my reservation time(particularly frustrating given the fact that I was easily able to make an 8:30 reservation on opentable just two hours earlier). My $25 "Lobster Roll" bordered on a joke with a miniscule piece of dried out, over cooked lobster, chopped up and scattered on a hot dog bun you could buy in a supermarket. Appetizers came out quickly, but main courses didn't come out until about 45 minutes after that. Our waiter was no where to be found half the time. As I understand from my previous visit, and other people's account, this all seems to be business as usual at Borough.

I don't mind mediocre food or mediocre service so long as its priced accordingly. This is not the case at Borough.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. That space is simply doomed, There hasn't been a good restuarant there in years :( I gave Borough 3 tries and it failed each and every time

      1. I've been to BFD twice and I don't think that I like it either. However there are a few cheap, okay dishes:

        1. The spreads app, probably b/c the smoky eggplant is so smoky. It's interesting.
        2. Braised pork shoulder. Not great, but alright for $13.
        3. Rigatoni with italian sausage. $16 isn't too much to pay for this.

        BTW, I remember most of the entrees being in the low $20s or high teens--have they raised their prices by that much?

        Agree about the service. Both servers we've had have been weird. One said that everything on the menu was "awesome" (it wasn't) while the other one seemed to think just the opposite.

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          I had the waitress who said everything was "awesome". I wanted to leave her a dictionary and a thesaurus after my meal there, because none of the food even approached awesome. The menu is really too scattered to ever work. The best thing on the menu were the dumplings which they probably got for a dollar and sold it for $8, and all they had to do was steam them. The burger was overcooked and the cheddar cheese was a poor choice and completely overwhelmed whatever taste the burger had. No one else that ate there with me enjoyed their meals either. Except for the fried pickles. Those were good.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. oh my goodness-----------you have also discovered one of the most AWFUL places in the city. our experience when we took friends out for a birthday meal was just as bad!. we all were served appetizers late, with 15 minute intervals. BUT-----------the best one was when our male waiter accused us of giving him the 'wrong' order, then saying to us, "you are making me nervous' and 'I am getting confused by this all" Heavens, why is he a waiter------------go dig ditches or something!!! then, the maitre'D refused to make good on the steak that came out wrong 3x, and the burger that never came at all!!!