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Nov 17, 2007 01:12 PM

Nexxt Cafe (on Miracle Mile)

I'm from Los Angeles and was in Miami for business. We needed a quick lunch and a friend recommended the Nexxt Cafe on Miracle Mile. He said that he went to their other location in South Beach and the food was great there, but that the service was slow.

I took his advice and we had our most pleasant meal of the trip. The food was excellent and the service was quick, courteous, and pleasant. The restaurant is a light, airy cafe that wasn't too loud. I would say that the biggest negative is the giant, overwhelming menu. Although it was strange for me to see Thai food next to Mexican food next to salads - our server Jen was very sweet and helped walk us through it. We decided to get a little bit of each cuisine.

Per Jen's recommendation we started with Avocado Wontons. They came out nice and hot and did not fall apart on the plate. They were served with an interesting tamarind sauce that added some sweetness to the unique dish.

I had the Kobe Beef Burger which came out slightly pink medium rare. The bun was nice and toasty and the burger itself was delicious. I asked for extra mushrooms and Jen brought a small, complimentary plate of the sauteed shrooms!

My friend got the Baja Chicken Tacos which was served as heaping plate of Mexican food. There was plenty of avacado on it (which was almost overkill given the fact that we had avacado as an appetizer) and tasted like the taco stands back in LA - which is a good thing.

The manager, Ron, even came by to check on us (which might happen all the time in Miami, but is interesting to me as an out-of-towner). In any event, I will be returning to Miami a couple more times over the next few months and will make sure to check out this restaurant and try more items off the giant menu.

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  1. Um ... well ... if you like Cheesecake Factory, you'll like Nexxt. Take that for what it's worth.
    Indeed, Nexxt basically stole its menu from Cheesecake ->

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    1. re: Frodnesor

      damn... i wrote a snarky reply about Nexxt Cafe and how the size of a restaurant's menu is usually inversely proportional to the quality of its food.

      But it was curiously removed!!!!

      1. re: Lost Highway

        Nexxt is definitely not for everyone, but it seems to be a welcomed addition to Coral Gables. I find it much better and more interesting than Cheesecake (and less loud with less of a wait). I have been there a few times, and the food and drinks are always good, but the restaurant MUST do something about the indifferent service.

    2. It's terrible... bad food, bad service.
      Nexxt Cafe received an emergency shutdown order from the city because of the health conditions in their kitchen... roaches, employee sanitation, refrigeration, etc.. I tried it when it first opened and the service was so bad I complained to management. Little did I know what they were doing to my food in the kitchen. and yes, their menu is a blatant rip off from cheesecake factory

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      1. re: sethwein4834

        I'm really surprised the one on Lincoln Road hasn't been shutdown yet. I used to work in an office across the street and have witnessed a lot of unsanitary - disgusting stuff. They put a lot of the clean dishes on the ground outside for people to run to the restaurant, they used to make cakes and desserts and place them outside on the sidewalk for the driver to pickup and take to the Coral Gables location... just a bunch of stuff a restaurant shouldn't be doing. Besides that the kitchen door is always open and it looks simply disgusting inside.

      2. Sign outside Nexxt Cafe in Coral Gables says it's "permanently closed."

        Vaya con dios.

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          1. re: Frodnesor

            was going to comment on that as well. I wonder if there's a way of contacting the owners.

            1. re: Icantread

              Why would you want to?
              Lincoln Road location still open.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                find out what they want to do with the location. they didn't even give it a year

          2. We ate there......once

            1. I'm glad they closed. Not that I want them out of Coral Gables - in fact I think they would be a good fit. But they should never have taken the only-indoor eating approach. A fine-dining restaurant would be a better fit for that type of building. Nexxt Cafe should stay as a cafe - with indoor and outdoor seating. That's the way it works in Miami.

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              1. re: mialebven

                Gables has very limited options for outdoor seating - though if they had waited only a couple months they could have taken the City Cellar location (now closed), which does have some outdoor seating. Or the Cafe Max location (now closed), which also has some outdoor seating.

                Not sure why you think that space is better fitted for fine dining - it's a former Burger King, it's a pretty large non-descript space, and other than Ortanique, I can't think of any fine dining that's been right on the Mile.

                1. re: mialebven

                  it's a big big space there and right now they're on a block with chicken kitchen, jimmy johns, radio shack, and navarro across the street. The larger nicer restaurants usually go for a bit better surroundings.