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Nov 17, 2007 01:10 PM

Facing Heaven Chilis in London?

I definitely absolutely 100% saw them somewhere, but I can't remember where. I thought it was Patak's but it turns out I was wrong. Maybe it was the huge grocery store in Southhall. Any suggestions?

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  1. Why not give them a call?


    I have never seen them in Southall but then I normally get stuff from India. What are you looking for?

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    1. re: frogprince

      It's an actual type of pepper. It looks like a sliced open dried round chili.

        1. re: hotsauceathlete

          They're a Szechuan pepper and have no Bangla name. They are not used in Bengali food at all. I think they range from Tibet to central China. Any Bangla wouldn't get me very far in Punjabi dominated Southhall or Patak's.

        2. re: JFores


          I'm shopping tomorrow so I'll keep my eyes open for them...

          Do you use them in any particular dish?

      1. Cool Chile used to sell them in Borough Market but stopped a while ago. I haven't seen them in London since.

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        1. re: Ian

          I definitely saw them somewhere so I'm just going to have to trace my steps.

        2. You can find them and New Loon Moon on Gerrard Street in Chinatown. They're in the back room in the right corner.

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            Yup - I got a couple of packets there the other week. Apparently they do sell out though, and it takes a while for them to replenish their stock.

            You can also get them in the shop a few doors down on the corner (the one with a ton of Hello Kitty type stuff in the window). They're in the downstairs section.

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              Thanks! Ancient post, but it's funny that it came up now as I'm doing Szechuan next week. Trying to recreate what I had during my time back home.