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Nov 17, 2007 01:06 PM

Best Cajun in LV

Looking for Best cajun in Vegas. Gumbo and the other usual dishes, red beans & rice, etc
already tried Emeril's at MGM. Meh.

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  1. I'm not aware of any Cajun restaurant in Las Vegas -- Emeril's certainly doesn't claim to be one. There are some other creole/New Orleans-style places in Las Vegas. The most obvious alternative to Emeril's used to be Commander's Palace at the Venetian, which is no more. All of the Coast Hotels (including the Orleans, of course) and South Point have seafood-oriented bars with decent but uninspired basics, and there is a fast-food "Famous Cajun Grill" at in the fast-food court at the Boulevard Malls, but eat there at your own risk.

    I think there is a big hole to be filled in this space, for a less expensive alternative to Emeril's restaurant with good gumbo, red beans and rice, bread pudding, etc.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Dave Feldman wrote, "I think there is a big hole to be filled in this space, for a less expensive alternative to Emeril's restaurant with good gumbo, red beans and rice, bread pudding, etc."

      I agree--especially with ALL THAT SHRIMP getting flown & trucked into LV. That's just a Cajun or Creole restaurant waiting to happen.

      1. re: alanstotle

        There are two new restaurants in the Town Square are that have cajun influence, I know that one of the chefs was formerly at Commander's Palace. Louis's is the name of one...the other is something like that.

        1. re: persally

          Guess i'll look it up this week. 2 weekends 2 back to back trips to Vegas....

      2. re: Dave Feldman

        the station casinos also have similar seafood bars ...they are ok ( i've eaten at the palace station bar several times - several gumbos etouffe ( sp ) oysters, etc ) ....i keep thinking there is a cajun place in the valley but i'm drawing a they have cajun food at the shuck's taverns ...several in the valley ... ?

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Dave, Commander's Palace was at MGM. This town sorely lacks for good Cajun food, i've looked.

          1. re: Honeychan

   was at the Aladdin. I'd guess it's closure was related to the conversion of the Aladdin to Planet Hollywood. Last time I was in Vegas (this past summer) the Miracle Mile Shops (the renamed shopping mall at Planet Hollywood) were advertising (iirc) a Hawaiian themed restaurant at CP's old location (Hawaiian Tropic, perhaps?).

            After CP closed there was a lot of hopeful rumorizing here on CH that it would reopen at the Venetian (or the new property next door). Now it looks like that rumor was just that: rumor.

            1. re: alanstotle

              Yes, CP was at the Aladdin. Sorry for the misinformation.

          2. re: Dave Feldman

            You are correct. Emeril's fare is full-tilt New Orleans cuisine, which has a few Cajun elements in it, but is more heavily reliant on Creole influences. The dishes use different sauces, different protien (usually), and, because of that, do not have quite the "kick," as the protein selections are higher quality, the "heat" was not as necessary.

            Other than as a novelty, I'm not sure that real Cajun would play that well, considering that most of the likely diners are from the Midwest, or Los Angeles.

            That Commander's closed is probably a sign that even New Orleans/Creole is not mainstream enough, unless one has a TV program, that airs every other hour on The Food Network.

            BTW, I've only done a few lunches there, but found Emeril's to be pretty good. I was usually grabbing a quick glass of wine, and some light courses at the bar, but had no complaints. Have dined at his eponymous restaurant in NOLA, and enjoyed it every time, but I spent most of my early life in those environs.


            1. Although it's not a Cajun or Creole restaurant, the oft-cited Rosemary's has a New Orleans connection. The restaurant's website describes chefs Michael & Wendy Jordan this way:

              "The Jordans draw from a variety of culinary influences to create French-inspired, creative American cuisine with regional twists from New Orleans, the Deep South and the Midwest."

              Some of their menu items quote from Louisiana & New Orleans cuisines.

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              1. re: alanstotle

                I enjoy Rosemary's very much, but I'd never call it Cajun . . .

              2. I just read a review in the LVRJ and I plan on trying out The New Orleans Connection this week. I am craving an oyster and shrimp Po-Boy.

                Here is the link to the review:

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                1. re: foodmadam

                  i've eaten there twice - hope you hit it when it's not too busy - service is kinda slow. suggest you order then go next door and pick out some bundt cakes for dessert.

                  last night i had the alligator sausage po boy. you get one side - dirty, rice, potato salad, etoufee, jambalaya are some of the sides - i had the etouffee. i also picked up a shrimp sausage po-boy and a catfish po-boy for a few friends. for the gf - bbq shrimp ( comes with 2 sides - it's stew like )

                  we all agreed that the catfish po-boy was the winner. the bbq shrimp sauce had great flavor too.

                  i really like the place and hope it's a success but i don't know if the location is the best and it's hard to increase the service speed with one person in the kitchen.

                  all the sammies are under $10 for the large ( my guess, an 8" roll )

                  happy eating !!