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Nov 17, 2007 12:27 PM

Fresno-late nite cafe recs?

Can any of you Fresno Chowhound's recommend a cafe that is open until at least 11pm (on weekdays) were I can relax for an hour or so to break up a long drive?

If they serve a bit of food or have baked goods that would be a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Hmmm, this one is tough. The couple places that I have passed lately -after 10:30pm, that were open, but I am not positive on the actual hours of operation- have been Revue and Teazers in the Tower District. Neither are what you would call a "cafe", more of a coffeehouse, but they both offer drinks (although Teazers I believe is strictly tea, not coffee/tea like Revue). Revue does offer food; coffee complimenting fare. They both are located on Olive Ave, east of HW 99.

    Unfortunetly, I cannot think of anything else that is open late/serves food that is not a bar that gets loud and packed during the week -not somewhere to relax. I hope that another Fresno 'hound can help out more!!

    1. Wow, racking my brains here to help you out, but not coming up with much. Of course there is always Starbucks, but you probably already knew that.

      By cafe, I am thinking you probably mean a coffeehouse? We don't have too many independent coffeehouses here and none that I can think of that are open until 11pm (I know, this is lame).

      The only thing that I could think of was more of a diner type place called Yosemite Falls Cafe:
      4278 W Ashlan Ave
      Fresno, CA 93722
      (559) 275-6060
      The website seems to be down right now so I can't check the hours for you. I think you could order coffee and a dessert and not feel out of place.

      Hopefully this gives you an idea. You could always kick back in a bookstore and get a coffee, Borders and Barnes and Noble are both open late.

      1. Yes, Yosemite Falls Cafe is open until 11 p.m. every night. They have a full bar and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at any time. They are reasonably priced and have great food and friendly service. It is right off of freeway 99 at Ashlan. There is also another location in Clovis, that is at Sunnyside and Shaw. Hope this was helpful.