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I knwo the basics, Cube 63, Ivo & Lulu, Tartine.

What are the best BYO (no corkage fees either) places in NYC that I am missing?

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    1. No corkage fees at Nook (746 9th Ave) I don't think. Haven't been, but a friend's been trying to get me there for a while.

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      1. AOC Bedford on Sunday and Monday nights only

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            Right on with Kuma Inn. Fantastic food and no corkage fee.

          2. phoenix garden on 40th & 2nd.

            1. Fuleens on Division street. Great chinese seafood place.

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                Is it BYO? 'Cause they serve beer & wine - I was just there on Saturday night.

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                  last time we had a party of 13 and I called to ask if it was ok to bring our own liquor. They didnt ask for specifics and replied yes! We bought cognac and they didnt care.

              2. If you're looking for something a little different, you can BYO at Sigiri (Sri Lankan food) in the East Village.

                1. Itzocan and Kaleidoscope, both in East Village

                  1. Afghanistan Kebab House

                    Afghan Kebab House
                    764 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019