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Nov 17, 2007 11:13 AM

Paris in the spring

have secured a flat on Ile Saint Louis for 3 weeks in May. Am interested in local hidden gems; food shopping & eating, the more non-touristy the better, my french is adequate. As well has anyone any information of tours of such boulangeries such as Poliane??

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  1. Le 3, at 3 rue St. Croix de la Bretonnerie, is excellent and the location in the Marais is close to Ile St. Louis. Le Dome du Marais is also nearby and has great food in a stunning dining room. Ze Kitchen Galerie, though not exactly "hidden" is a gem also and a pleasant walk along the left bank from St. Louis. Carre des Feuillants is very expensive at dinner, not as bad at lunch, but a great choice for a fabulous meal that is somewhat off the tourist radar. Most of the restaurants on Ile St. Louis get a lot of tourists,