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Nov 17, 2007 11:00 AM

Magazines for Foodies?

Curious what you all think about the epicurean magazines we have to choose from. As a guy who likes all things foodie, I'm not finding any one or even two that do it for me...just a piece of one here, an article of another there. Can't indulge myself in Cooks (great but mechanical), Bon App, Gourmet, Food & Wine feel more targeted towards women or overly on ultra upscale travel...Saveur is cool, but needs to just do MORE...imagine a Best Life, Men's Journal or Esquire meets Gourmet...anyone else feel this way?

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  1. You might like to familiarize yourself with L'Art Culinaire.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Try Food Arts.
      It specializes in coverage of trends and industry news,
      while the layout tends to be both appealing and straightforward.

      1. re: ChefJune

        Thanks for the two suggestions, will check them out. Had always thought both were perhaps either more trade or for the very serious chef...

        Was thinking about a food/lifestyle mag kinda like Wine Spectator or Cigar Aficionado but w/food being the core theme (and all that goes w/, spirits, gear, stories on chefs, foodie celebs like Stan Tucci, etc). Think there is a market for that?

        1. re: JBGM

          If you start one, let me know! That's an interesting concept.

          I am partial to Savuer, but I know what you mean. It often feels like it's not quite deep enough. I do like Food Arts, too.

          The UK-based magazine Olive is also one to look for if you find a place that carries foreign mags near you.

          1. re: chef_max

            ok, so if you could describe the ideal magazine--whether a food mag that has strong appeal to guys all the way through, or a men's magazine w/food as a theme--what would it include? Would love to hear some ideal descriptions.

            1. re: JBGM

              I'm not a guy but I really am turned off by Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Food & Wine. They seem like such fluff (if they were restaurants they'd be Applebee's or Cheescake factory) and I HATE the advertising parts that are supposed to look like articles. And agree with others about's missing something.
              How about something that actually has some substance to it; along the lines of Saveur but with more depth or more well rounded? I like the idea of articles on gear, lifestyle, celeb foodies, chefs etc....balanced out by articles on indie farmers, cheese makers, behind-the-scenes of a good bakery, philosophies etc.

              1. re: poptart

                Yeah, i agree and would like to see something as you describe it. Not just the recipes and how-to that is avail online but something to really look forward to getting and reading for enjoyment and indulging a passion for food, cooking, etc...trying to imagine ideal feature articles, cover stories, that you don't get in the other mags

                1. re: poptart

                  Have you picked up a Gourmet lately? Because I completely agree that Bon App and F&W are fluff (which isn't always a bad thing, but anyway) but Gourmet, to me, is in a whole other class. It has had such good articles lately, on food sustainability, culture, tradition, personal essays, etc etc.

            2. re: JBGM

              I know what you mean about Saveur. I started getting it a few months ago and there's nothing in it!

              1. re: southernitalian

                The writing in Saveur is very good. But there's been nothing in it lately because they can't sell any ads. No ads = not enough pages for good content. It's a shame. It used to be such a great mag.

                1. re: seedling

                  seedling, unfortunately you have the concept down right...

          2. I subscribe to "Food and Wine" and "Eating Well". The former makes me feel like a bumpkin. The latter is pretty good, but it makes me feel guilty if I bake with white flour.

            1. I am partial to Gastronomica, which is a journal about food and culture. It has some lengthy articles, but it talks about food in a way that most modern foodie mags ignore, from a more analytical angle. I love how it links food with culture.

              1. Imbibe is a fairly new magazine that covers beer, wine, coffee, etc.
                I just started subscribing and I really enjoy learning more about pairing beverage to food.


                1. The food cognescenti along with those of us who are insatiable when it comes to food writing subscribe to The Art of Eating. It's a quarterly with a high quality of writing and depth. I would never give up my subscription! Never.